In which stage of the teenage years are you currently living or in which stage is your son or daughter? Check out this week's article to find out more. Also, we have a number of new events, and some old favorites, coming up in October and they are listed below.

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3 Stages of Adolescence
The teen years and even early 20s are a time of incredible transformation. This article covers broadly the 3 major stages, what to expect or "oh yea, I remember that." With the physical, emotional, and cognitive transformation comes an opportunity for spiritual transformation. As you read this article, you might reflect on how faith may enter into this awesome and sometimes turbulent time.

Looking Ahead
There are some great events coming up including:
  • October 13, Youth Day of Service at the Sprout Center (see photo to the right). Plan on attending with other youth groups in the Diocese and see the flyer for more info.
  • October 20, Shocktober!
  • November 2-4, Senior High Retreat at Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, VA (Registration Form)
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