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February 2016 - In This Issue

FeatureTeens and Income Taxes

Adult taxpayers have widely diverse thoughts and emotions regarding filing their income taxes. Without additional knowledge, students tend to carry these preconceived notions into their own adult lives.

As an educator, tax time provides a teachable moment to inform teens and influence their future actions to be based more on knowledge rather than emotions.

myRAUpdated HSFPP Introduction Video

We updated the quick (79 seconds) Introduction to the HSFPP video to feature our new logo and website look and feel.
Check it out and share it with other educators. 

Keep an eye out for new training videos coming later this year. 

NewContentNew January 2016 NEFE Content
Word on the Street | What's Your Dream for 2016?
Word on the Street: What's Your Dream for 2016?

NEFE kicked off the 2016 year with rich new video content relevant to teens post on both On Your Own and Smart About Money

The NEFE Digest began a series exploring the depth and breadth of NEFE-funded research. 

trainingUpcoming Training Opportunities

At  www.hsfpp.org  you can find face-to-face training events  in your state and  register for a live 45-minute  introduction webinar  that fits into your schedule. Webinar dates are now available through February 2016. 

NEFEresourcesNEFE Resources for Educators

CashCourse® - online materials for college students
Financial Workshop Kits - resources for adult financial educators
Evaluation Toolkit® - databank of questions to measure impact
On Your Own - young adult blog about financial lessons learned
Spendster - confessions of bad spending habits
Smart About Money - consumer finance tips and tools
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