We thought you would enjoy reading this note from Asher Arnon, Managing Director of Tel-Hai Arts Institute in Israel.
Your investment in AIDA over the years makes this possible. 

- Dale & Doug  

Dear AIDA Trustees,

The past month has been a busy one here at Tel-Hai Arts Institute as we've been hard at work arranging and constructing our annual (end of the school year) exhibit. This is always a combination of both hard work and celebration of talent which we all become immersed in.

We are very happy to have our students heading out again this year, supported by AIDA scholarships, to programs in partnering schools in North America. In fact, building the relationships between schools in Israel and prestigious, leading institutions in North America serves the overall development of the field; it is a wonderful platform for collaboration between directors and faculty, but even more, a life-changing opportunity for personal and artistic growth for our individual students who participate in these programs, such as those in Haystack and Penland. AIDA's role in facilitating this dialogue is crucial and we are grateful for the leadership you have taken in this realm.

As you know, Tel-Hai Arts Institute is, in many ways, a diamond in the rough. The potential is great, and the rural setting undoubtedly grows and preserves the unique "feel" of Tel-Hai which we appreciate. And yet, the challenges of growing an arts institute in a reality of budgetary constraints and geographic distance from the center of the arts scene in Israel are significant.

Your support of Tel-Hai Arts Institute is appreciated by all of us; I am sure you realize that without it we could not provide our students with such empowering experiences that are to all of our benefit.

It was a pleasure hosting Dale, Jane, Davira and Aviva here last month. I look forward to seeing you too in the very near future as well. 

Warm regards from the Galilee.