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Happy Monday,
I hope this weekend was a restorative one for you. I am feeling recharged, having attended the 3 day TFIM conference online, with some of my Natural Medicine idols. I am counting this conference in my blessings, as they chose to rise to the virtual occasion, when Seattle became inaccessible due to Covid-19. I have some new insights and healing strategies as a result of these great minds!

 I think gratitude is so important right now, I hope you are counting your blessings as well. I also hope that Dr. Amen's suggestions resonate as we can look at this time as a Reset. It is an opportunity to lean in to self-care and healing. 

I promise this a short email. It is a just a brief check-in, with some suggestions on staying healthy and a bit of direction on Telehealth.


Be Well!
Doc Tiffany Brown-Bush
This is a fantastic video from an MD, on how to shop for your family, yet stay healthy while doing it!
I hope you find this Shopping Video helpful!   
Safe Shopping Tips
                         Treatment Shifts 
With so many health practitioners and therapists shifting to telehealth, you may be a bit uncertain
about what to expect! There is no need to worry.

I've grabbed a couple of resources that I hope find helpful during this transition. The links come from very different perspectives, but both offer helpful ideas of what to expect! I look forward to seeing you in your appointment via Zoom!  

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