March 16, 2020
Dear Georgia Psychological Association members:

We recognize that due to COVID-19 many Georgia psychologists are rapidly moving to deliver professional services through telehealth. We assure you that we are hearing your concerns and the urgency of the situation. Here are some updates and resources related GPA's efforts to facilitate these efforts.

I. We are coordinating with APA and advocating for clarity around insurance reimbursement accommodations for psychological services provided via telehealth. APA Legal is vetting a letter for GPA, and we plan to send it out to Georgia insurance payors and government bodies in the next 24-48 hours. 

II. Resources to support telehealth practice:

1. APA has developed new resources that psychologists can use for telehealth. These documents have been reviewed by several practicing psychologists and attorneys.  These files are linked below for your immediate use:

2. APA resource on recommendations for HIPAA-conforming telehealth platforms, we recommend that you review APA’s free online article, “ Comparing the Latest Telehealth Solutions.”  It is like a Consumer Reports review of 3 popular telehealth platforms:, thera-link, and Zoom. Ratings are based on privacy/security, features, ease of use, functionality, and customer support. 

3. GPA's Susan Litton also created a decision free document to orient those unfamiliar with telehealth on the major decision points for components needed to start telehealth. Guidelines for Choosing a Video Platform

We plan to continue to communicate with you regarding our plans for continuing education and Annual Meeting as we have more concrete information to share regarding virtual options and scheduling.

Thank you for the work you are doing to protect the community and support your patients, students, and supervisees during this unprecedented time.

Be Well,

Laura Dilly, PhD, ABPP, NCSP
Board Certified Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychologist
Georgia Psychological Association President