Telepractice Employment 

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In this month's edition of  the Telepractice Certification Community Newsletter, Bill Connors discusses telepractice employment, specifically   the  employee  vs independent contractor  relationship. 

Be sure to read next month's Newsletter when we review the best options for video platforms.

    In this edition, we include:

-  Telepractice Employment
-  Bill Connors'  video on the independent contractor vs employee  relationship;
-  current news on telehealth and telepractice.

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Do I go the Employee or the Independent Contractor route?
As noted in the News Section below, the state of New Jersey  will allow for Medicaid payment of telepractice services to students in schools.  As opportunities like this evolve, employment opportunities for SLP telepractitioners grow.  
A frequently posed query on social media and professional community sites questions which business relationship is better for tel-SLPs:  employee or independent contractor (IC).  For those SLP and companies that have an established, independent business with a history and a work relationship with the contracting company that satisfies the IRS and state regulations, the answer may well be, "No Problem".  
This decision, however,  may be a simple one or may be loaded with important consequences for the IC and the contracting agency.  Possible repercussions range from tax liabilities and penalties for the contracting agency to missed wage and employment benefits for the IC SLP.  While some internet resources are listed below, we recommend that you obtain legal and accounting advice from a professional.  

A helpful side by side comparison:    

Possible consequences for mis-classifying employee as IC : 

An example of a state's ( PA ) information on verifying employment status:  

Clarification directly from the IRS:

For additional ideas and information visit:  

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Bill Connors discusses:   Telepractioner Employment

In this month's  video, Bill Connors discusses  telepractice employment.

Specifically:   " Should I work as an independent contractor  or  as an employee? "

Time:  04:18

Telepractice/Telehealth  News
Two bills designed to improve telehealth and telemedicine access sailed through Congressional subcommittee reviews on Wednesday.

Healthcare providers may be using more telehealth and telemedicine than ever before, but Medicare Is still a significant barrier to growth.

As telehealth receives wider adoption in Delaware and throughout the U.S., a telemedicine visit may be just what the doctor ordered. For one recent patient in Delaware, a telemedicine visit meant she could be examined via videoconferencing by her nurse practitioner from Family Medicine at Greenhill. The nurse practitioner made a visual diagnosis of pink eye-without the patient leaving her house for an in-office appointment-allowing the patient to proceed immediately with treatment.

Profound new research shows that online speech therapy can help people with dementia significantly improve their ability to  recall words they had "lost."

5.  NJ to Allow Reimbursement for Speech-Therapy Provided via Telehealth
Just in time for the 2017-18 school year, New Jersey has decided to allow schools and districts across New Jersey to request Medicaid reimbursement for their use of online speech-language therapy services like those provided by PresenceLearning, the leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers. These reimbursed funds are crucial to schools and districts who can apply the funds to a variety of programming, including afterschool programs, early education initiatives, school climate and behavior initiatives and more.

6. Texas Medical Board releases telemedicine rules
The Texas Medical Board on Friday released revised rules that adjust how telemedicine providers in the state-the last large market without rules to regulate video doctor consultations-are allowed to treat patients.

7.  MedPAC Debates Expansion of Telehealth Payment
Expanding Medicare payment for telehealth services could increase access for patients, but it could also contribute to a spike in medical claims without measurable patient improvement.

8.  Maine aims to lead on telehealth front
Maine healthcare providers launched their first official telehealth summit on Tuesday with a message to the rest of the country: The first state to see the sun rise each day also aims to be one of the leaders in this rapidly growing healthcare delivery philosophy.

9.  New Bill Could Make Medicare More Telehealth-Friendly
Medicare could become much more open to telehealth if legislation introduced in the Senate recently makes its way into law. The proposal, supported by APTA, would expand where telehealth can take place, as well as which patients and providers can participate-including physical therapist (PTs) participating in some bundled payment models, accountable care organizations (ACOs), and Medicare Advantage plans.

Online Telepractice Education
The Telepractice Certification Community is rolling out a new year of online courses, educational opportunities; support programs and tools, starting with an update of its hallmark online, interactive course  -     


This course receives .3 ASHA-approved CEUs, and is led  by telepractice clinician and instructor Bill Connors.

Saturday,  October 7th at 12 PM-3 PM EST
Thursday, November 2nd at 6 PM-9 PM EST
Saturday,  December 2nd at 9:30 AM-12:30 PM EST
Tuesday,   December 12th at 6 PM-9 PM EST

* To register for the courses and ASHA-approved CEUs,  contact Eric Blicker at   CEUCUSTOMERCARE@GMAIL.COM or call 305-467-9682

Here's additional information on this course:
This three-hour course will provide the participant with the ability to:
1. schedule, start, conduct, and save notes for a Telepractice session with the client at a distance.
2. utilize the whiteboard, screen-sharing, chat, and other tele-tools.
3. recognize key professional, legal and ethical issue related to telepractice.
4. discuss marketing, business, financial and promotional concerns for the telepractitioner.
5. identify peer and community support/resources for telepractice endeavors.
6. and much, much more

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