This clip shows the primitive 
subliminal mind control 
techniques  transmitted via 
television at  the American 
public during the  height of 
the CIA's MK Ultra  mind 
control project during the 
1 960s. 

A similarly Old School but 
more overt "flash frame" 
technique, subliminally 
advertising  McDonald's junk 
food was  recently f ound still 
being  used during  the airing 
of a recent  episode  of 'Iron 
Chef', the  cable  TV cooking 
competition  show.


DJ of Level9News details 
how  much further this agenda 
and its  technology has come 
since  the '60s,  through the use 
of  smart dust,  mass brainwave 
entrainment  psychotronics, as  
well as by harnessing  the  Global 
Information Grid  (GIG). 

She claims, " The Geo-spacial 
Intelligence program has been 
collecting information on every 
human being at an accelerated 
pace for the past decade. 

"GeoINT is a tool for  the proponents 
of Global  Governance to cast a 
neural net  over humanity...for 
human  c ommand and control."  

Video: (10 mins): 

- Alexandra

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