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Issue 4 February 25, 2016

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What is NPTF?  What Type of Gages are Required to Check this Thread Style?    

When it comes to tapered pipe threads, most engineers are familiar with NPT (National Pipe Thread Taper), which is the common standard in the U.S. for joining pipes.  The NPT connection provides a safe seal as the threaded mating parts are torqued and because of the taper in the threads.  The ANSI standard, ANSI B1.20.1, lists the requirements for these NPT threads.
NPTF is a variant of NPT.  It stands for "National Pipe Thread Taper Fuel".  NPTF provides a higher level of leak-free joint.  While NPT is generally used in mechanical and low-pressure applications and calls for the use of teflon tape between the threads, the NPTF is meant for high heat, high pressure, and other mission critical applications.  For example, for an application in use at a power plant, which requires a higher level of safety, it would not be appropriate to use tape between the threads. NPTF is also commonly known as "Dryseal Pipe Thread".  ANSI B1.20.3 lists the requirements for NPTF threads.

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SIGMA OEM Pump Impeller Assists PENTAIR in Salt Water Reverse Osmosis
The US fracking industry is under pressure to reduce costs, because of the current price of oil per barrel. Anything that can help lower the costs of extraction is a bonus to producers. One method of increasing production efficiency is salt water reverse osmosis (SWRO). This process enables a producer to recycle the water used during the fracking process rather than simply expelling the water after use. Pump Impellers manufactured by SIGMA OEM are playing a key role for one fracking company, driving their SWRO pumps in the field in Missouri.

Aside from making inroads into the Oil & Gas Industries, SIGMA OEM has many years' experience developing impellers for the thin wall pumps used widely in the waterworks sector.
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