Vol. 3 Issue 4, March 25, 2020
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In this week's edition: Decline in online job postings, WPH research into how COVID-19 is impacting Hamilton, A microsite for Hamilton with reliable information; Some companies are seeking workers; Importance of networking during isolation; Hamilton LMI
The above image shows the number of online job postings in 2019 compared to 2020 during January, February, and broken down into individual weeks in March for more in-depth analysis during the pandemic. WPH will continue to monitor these changes and provide weekly updates of the same information.
Source: Talent Neuron Job Postings.
What impact is COVID-19 currently having on your business?
Please choose an option below. We need to hear what is happening in our local community.
It is not impacting my business
It is starting to impact my business
It is severely impacting my business
The impact on my business is on the decline
The impact on my business is over
It is still too early to tell the impact on my business
Hamilton's COVID-19 Business Continuity & Recovery Website
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Economic Development, The City of Hamilton, and Stoney Creek and Flamborough Chamber have to put together a very informative mircowebsite for our community with relevant information needed for businesses and residents.It covers information from all levels of government and is a great source to keep well-informed with links to accurate up-to-date information.

Chamber logo
Please be aware there are a series of Open Forum Webinars hosted by the Hamilton Chamber team to provide up to date information through Zoom.

It is free to register and attend with opportunities to ask questions and get direct answers from series of speakers. They are informative and very useful to keep up to date with the all the changing information surrounding COVID-19.
Share Your Experience With Us

Now more than ever we need to hear from Hamilton-based businesses

WPH is looking to speak to local Hamilton businesses to do a study on the impact of COVID-19 on our local labour market during these uncertain times. It is important we understand local businesses viewpoints, so we need your input.

You will be asked a few simple questions regarding how your business has been impacted and also how the community can continue to support you during these times. If given permission, we will plan to collate the data and share the information across our network regularly especially how to continue to support your business.
Job-hunting During a Pandemic
With so much uncertainty and business closures during the COVID-19 pandemic - some businesses are having to close their doors and lay-off workers. However, some businesses are also looking to hire extra support during these times to provide essential services.

Hamilton Labour Force Information:
February 2020
Networking Is Still Important
The ongoing pandemic doesn’t change or lessen that importance. Yet, you may find that traditional networking avenues, such as coffee meetings or lunches, are out of reach while self-isolating due to the ongoing pandemic. However, we should not be using self-isolation as a reason to stop networking. To learn more about how to network during self-isolation click below.

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