Vol. 7, Issue 2, July 19, 2018
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In this week's edition: Complete our 5 minute survey and let us know what you think about our projects; Support Ontario Youth helps apprentices enter the skilled trades; Take advantage of a free webinar to combat anxiety when networking!
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Every year Workforce Planning Hamilton completes four core projects, as well as many other partnership work in Hamilton.

Our funder, the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, requires us to complete Continuous Improvement Performance Measurement System (CIPMS) evaluations for each of our projects.

This year we have streamlined the CIPMS process to make it easier for community members and our partners to complete.

Please take five minutes to complete our survey.
You can read the descriptions of our projects, and visit the links to view the individual projects. 
Please note that you do not have to complete a survey for each of the 4 projects listed.

Thank you for helping WPH to improve the work we do in the community!

Support Ontario Youth helps youth be successful in the skilled trades

Support Ontario Youth is a federally-registered charitable organization dedicated to helping apprentices enter the trades.
Support Ontario Youth works with local businesses to provide assistance for today’s youth throughout their apprenticeship journey.

The organization provides financial support, bursaries and scholarships that are publicly available and go directly towards helping young men and women who show promise in approved industries to continue their education.

They also create apprenticeship opportunities. Finding and managing an apprenticeship is 
no easy task – which means fewer and fewer are entering the industry. By streamlining the process and providing shared apprenticeship 
opportunities, they encourage future growth and pave the way for the next generation of industry professionals.

Free Webinar: Networking without the Butterflies, August 23/18
Does the idea of networking fill your stomach with butterflies? Join Charity Village's free webinar and learn new tools and strategies to help you approach networking in a more confident and organized manner.

Date: Thursday, August 23 at 1pm ET / 10am PT (webinar is one hour in length)

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the various approaches to networking, and the circumstances when each is most effective.
  • Understand your current brand, or the impression you leave behind
  • How to tell your unique career story
  • Practical exercises to get ready and confident to “get out there” and grow your network

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