Tellington TTouch┬« with Companion Animals 
with Edie Jane Eaton
International TTouch Instructor, 
Feldenkrais® Practitioner

May 11&12, May 11-13, and May 11-15    
Rupert, QC
40 minutes north of Ottawa, ON 
These sessions are appropriate for those new to Tellington TTouch and for those with previous experience. 
Both longer events count towards Practitioner Certification.
Four three-day workshops are permitted to replace two long trainings. 


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A message from
Edie Jane Eaton

"I am looking forward to having you join us at this training!
We will be covering all of the aspects of the work: The hands-on TTouches, with attention to health issues and movement/performance, and the revolutionary movement work which changes the physical balance of the dogs, and powerfully affects behaviour and attitude.

It's not required that you come with a dog, though if you do please fill in the questionnaire on the registration form. (This form may download rather than open) The venue is large, and with several doors and an extra room we can establish safe spaces for shy or defensive dogs.  

As is usual, our class will have participants with a mixture of experience. What has always excited me about the work is that, regardless of one's experience, an understanding of the principles and some basic skills can help one find solutions to many issues. Experienced students refine and add to their techniques, and newcomers to TTouch go away from a workshop thinking, 'Hey! I can do this!'.

One of my passions is making it all make sense. I enjoy finding a framework to support the learning and experiences of new students, and experienced students tell me this framework allows them to see how all they have learned fits together - the principles and practice. Some of you might be interested in an article called 'There's Method in the Magic. ' I hope you'll enjoy it, and I look forward to sharing more practical aspects of it during our time together.
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about what I will be teaching. Perhaps you have a special request. If this is your first session, you may have questions about what to expect. Do get in touch .  

All the best,"
Edie Jane
P.S. The link at right is to my website, which is in the (slow) process of being re-done. Note that the calendar is not up to date.