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Mishloach Manot
Celebrate Purim with a double mitzvah! Send Purim greetings to your fellow congregants, Temple Emanu-El Staff, Clergy and teachers while helping the 5780 Confirmation Class complete a mitzvah project (usually a gift to the Temple or a charitable donation to a cause of their choice) Bags will be available for pick up on March 6th - 9th. Order them here & get all the details.

Service & Event Times
Fri., Feb. 14th
7:00 PM
Tues., Feb. 18th
7:30 PM
Fri., Feb. 21st
6:00 PM
Fri., Feb. 21st
7:00 PM
Sat., Feb. 22nd
10:00 AM
Fri., Feb. 28th
6:30 PM
Sat., Feb. 29th
9:00 AM
Sat., Feb. 29th
10:30 AM
Tues., Mar. 3rd
7:30 PM
Thur., Mar. 5th
6:00 PM
Fri., Mar. 6th
6:00 PM
Important Upcoming Events
World Zionist Congress Elections
The WZC, also known as the Parliament of the Jewish People, comprises 500 delegates and meets in Jerusalem every five years. It enables delegates to exert ideological influence on both Israeli society and the global Jewish agenda, as well as allocate financial and other resources to various organizations – including the Reform Movement – in Israel. 

The elections take place from:
January 21 to March 11, 2020.

Exciting New Opportunity
Want to learn more about other religions, both Western and Eastern? Join us as we study and discuss various other religion including a comparison of similarities and differences with Judaism.
Discussions will be supplemented by occasional visits to local religious institutions. We will meet one Sunday per month at Temple Emanu-El for an hour-and-a-half.  A light coffee, bagel and cream cheese brunch will be followed by a stimulating discussion.

For more information and details about the first meeting, please send an e-mail to Len Schreibstein, Temple member and group facilitator. Len’s e-mail address is:  Lendebsch@aol.com
Israeli Dancing
February 18 // 7:30pm

Great exercise! Great fun! Great chance to meet new people!
Put on your dancin' shoes and come to our free Israeli dance class taught by our very own Loui Tucker. 

Baby Shabbat
February 21 // 6:00pm

The perfect way to teach your children about Shabbat! Led by Rabbi Magat, families with young children will enjoy upbeat songs, a short story, and a talk with the Rabbi on the bimah. 

Shabbat in Nature
February 22 // 10am
We celebrate Shabbat in Nature throughout the year with a Shabbat morning service led by Rabbi Dana Magat in a nearby park setting. Today, we will be at Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch in the Santa Teresa Park. We look forward to having you join us outdoors for a great Shabbat adventure.

Kabbalat Shabbat with Shira Kline
February 28 // 6pm

Join us for a musical, meditative Shabbat evening service on Friday, February 28th, at 6:30PM with special guest artist, Shira Kline.Shira will bring us her own unique, creative service to inspire both personal reflection and communal bonding through music and meditation. A co-founder of Storahtelling and Lab/Shul NYC, Shira’s work as Director of Worship is to ignite expression of spirit and heart through the medium of the musical soul.

Sisterhood Events
Hamentashen Baking

March 5 // 6pm
Love baking? Love Purim? Come join the Sisterhood as they bake Hamentashen for Purim! Save the date!

Sisterhood Mahjong is happening every month on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 6:30-9:00pm in Religious School Room 21.
Purim Carnival
March 8 // 10:30am

Come celebrate Purim with all your friends and congregants! Hear the story of Hamen and dress up in your best costume! Don't forget the BBQ that is being provided by Brotherhood! See you there!

Gala - Save the Date!
We are proud to honor Rabbi Magat and his 20 years at Temple Emanu-El! We are having 2 great opportunities to celebrate the Rabbi and his service! Mark your calendars for April 24th & 25th! Details to come soon!
Gift Shop Sale
Need a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Gift? A special present for your B'shert?
The gift shop has something for you.

Community Events
Classic Jewish Texts
February 18 // 9:30am
Rabbi Joey Felsen of the Jewish Study Network guides you through the fundamental works of Maimonides, Luzzato, and other classic commentators. No Hebrew necessary.  Information Here
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