Temple Emanu-El Happenings
Neighborhood Havdalah
August 29th // 6pm

We've missed spending time with all of you! That's why we're hosting a special Neighborhood Havadalah for the community. Rabbi and Cantor will be leading Neighborhood Havdalah online, for everyone to join! This is open to both congregants and the community.

Yizkor Book Listing
Deadline: September 14th

The High Holy Days are just around the corner. As we begin to prepare for the High Holy Days, we offer you the opportunity to honor the memory of a family member, loved one or friend through adding their name to our Yizkor Book.

Service & Event Times
Fri., Aug. 28th
10:00 AM
Fri. Aug. 28th
6:30 PM
Sat., Aug. 29th
6:00 PM

Sun., Aug. 30th
10:00 AM

Tues., Sept. 1st
12:00 PM
Tues., Sept. 1st
7:00 PM
Thurs. Sept. 3rd
6:30 PM

Fri., Sept. 4th
7:00 PM
Tues., Sept. 8th
12:00 PM

Important Upcoming Events
If you require any assistance from any Temple Emanu-El staff, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Whether it's scheduling a meeting with the Rabbi, updating Yahrzeits, refuah shlema, groceries, prescriptions, or anything else, please e-mail us at: admin@templesanjose.org.
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Week 2 of Elul
Fri., August 28 // 10am

Join the Clergy for their weekly Elul message. Rabbi will have a reading for you & Cantor will sing a song, as we mentally prepare for these upcoming High Holy Days.

Brotherhood Zoom Shabbat Service
Fri., August 28 // 6:30pm

Tonight is a special Shabbat Service that is being hosted by our Brotherhood. We invite you to follow along in our Siddur Shalom during this unique service. See you there!

Chat with Rabbi Magat
Tues., September 1st // 12pm

We can't believe that it's already September! The High Holy Days are just a few weeks away! Come spend lunch with your fellow congregants and the Rabbi for a great discussion.

Streaming Shabbat Services
Friday, September 4th // 7pm

Join us this evening for a calm, relaxing Shabbat Service. We will help you end the week as we begin the 3rd week of Elul, leading up to the High Holy Days.

Voter Engagement
The General Election is coming up soon, on November 3rd. It's important to have your voice be heard, for any issue that you support. Here are different ways that you can register to vote and have your voice be heard. How will you encourage others to vote this election?

Community Events
Stories of Rosh Hashanah with the Magnes Collection. 
Thursday, September 3 // 11am

A walk through Rosh Hashanah objects from the Magnes Collection at Berkeley. This free event is a program of the JCC in Los Gatos.

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