Temple Emanu-El Happenings
Tikkun Leil Shavuot and Yizkor Service
May 28 & May 29th // Starting at 8pm

Save the date for Tikkun Leil Shavuot. These are Shavuot night study sessions that will be taught by Rabbi, Cantor, Phil, and more.

We will be holding a Yizkor service on may 29th at 10am.

Interview with SNL Director Don Roy King
Tues., May 26th // 12pm

Do you like watching Saturday Night Live? Here's your opportunity to meet and talk to a Director! Rabbi Magat will be hosting a discussion with him THIS TUESDAY! This is a unique and special opportunity!

Join us for Shabbat Services Online
Although we can't physically be together, we are still a community. Join us online tomorrow at 7:00 pm for Shabbat Services and please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

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If you require any assistance from any Temple Emanu-El staff, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Whether it's scheduling a meeting with the Rabbi, updating Yahrzeits, refuah shlema, groceries, prescriptions, or anything else, please e-mail us at: admin@templesanjose.org .
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Service & Event Times
Fri, May 22nd
10:00 AM
Fri, May 22nd
7:00 PM
Wed., May 27th
12:00 PM
Thur., May 28th
12:00 PM
Thur, May 28th
9:00 PM
Fri, May 29th
10:00 AM
Fri, May 22nd
10:00 AM

Fri., May 29th
7:00 PM
Important Upcoming Events
Preschool Shabbat
We want our TEPS friends to continue on their weekly routines while at home. We are excited to offer them online Shabbat Services with Rabbi Magat.

They normally have Shabbat at 10am every Friday. We invite you to save the below link for ease of access, and help them through Shabbat services every week.

Lunch & Learn Torah Study
Wednesday, May 27th // 12pm

We're excited to be offering weekly Lunch & Learn sessions now with the Rabbi. Want to talk about the news or any current issues, we invite you to sign up and join us for a great discussion.

TV/Film Discussion
Thursday, May 28th // 12pm

Join Rabbi Magat and Religious School Director Phil Hankin, as they discuss popular & relevant TV shows & Films, as they relate to Jewish life and culture.

This week, they will be discussing multiple movies and TV shows.Check out the list of upcoming movies we will be watching

Live Shabbat At Home with Clergy & Oneg
Friday, May 29th // 7pm

We've missed seeing you for Shabbat Services. That's why we are hosting a LIVE service this evening! We will all be able to sing along together like we are accustomed to doing. After services, we invite you to stick around for Oneg!

Community Events
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