November 2021
 Cheshvan - Kislev 5782
Message from Rabbi Farb
Should you wear your Jewish Star this Chanukah?
As Hanukkah is beginning this month (it's unbelievable, I know!), we have the opportunity to face the joys and challenges of being Jewish in a majority Christian country even earlier than usual. This year, the “December Dilemma,” as it is often called, will actually be the November dilemma. It doesn't have the same alliterative ring to it, but it is no less real. You know what I'm talking about. Every year around this time Jews are faced with deep questions of identity. How much do we allow ourselves to be separate from our broader community? How much do we engage with assimilation culture?
Rabbi Farb needs your help!

Do you know of anyone in our congregational family or extended community who is ill, injured or hospitalized? Due to HIPPA regulations, healthcare providers are not permitted by law to notify clergy about patients in their care.

Have you heard about any simchas in the community? Do you know of anyone new to town or moving into a new home? Has a community member been recognized for a special honor? Have any of your friends or family announced a wedding, promotion, graduation, birth, aliyah, or other joyous occasion?

Rabbi Farb would like to find out about these joys or difficulties so he needs you to reach and let him know. Although he cannot always visit in person he still hopes to be a part of these life moments.

Please call, message, or email whenever you hear about someone he can call or visit. 813.215.1240 (mobile) 956.686.9432 (office)

Message from Temple Emanuel Sisterhood President
 Hello Temple Emanuel Members,
We had the most beautiful, Sunday Membership Brunch on October 17th. Sara Beer and her entire committee did a magnificent job with all the details to make the event extraordinary. Our special entertainment from our Sunday School students was extra special and heartwarming. Our High School students also spoke eloquently of the positive impact Sunday School has had in their lives. If you have not yet filled out your Sisterhood Membership Form, please contact Sara Beer and she will help you in any that she can.
Sisterhood is excited to announce the return of our delicious, and tasty weekly in-person Oneg. Please be on the lookout for your postcard from Karla Cantu with the details for the Oneg items.
WRJ Southwest District Day, is November 6th! It’s going to be a fun filled day with worship, learning, sharing ideas, laughing, and singing together. If you have questions about District Day, please reach out to me, Pat Blum or Debra Goetz. We are all happy to explain and give you details.
Stephanie Gurwitz has begun planning our next Sisterhood event. Our Annual Hannukah Dinner will be Sunday December 5, 2021. Please make plans to attend, it is sure to be a fun and joyous evening as always.
Till next month,

Lisa Franklin
Temple Emanuel Sisterhood President
Southwest District VP for Social Justice

Sisterhood Membership Brunch
The 2021 Online Holiday Auction is now OPEN!

Celebrate light this Hanukkah season with WRJ's Online Holiday Auction. More than 160 items are available for you to bid on TODAY through November 7th.
November Programs
Introduction to Judaism
Do you feel like your Jewish education stalled after Confirmation? Didn’t even make it that far? Do you ever wish that you had more thoughtful answers to questions people ask you about Judaism? Do you have family or friends who are not Jewish but are interested in learning more than just the basics?

Every Monday at 6:30pm
In Person in the Temple Library
or Discord (replaces Zoom)

Introduction to Judaism Classes are stand-alone sessions on every important topic in Jewish life from the history, to the holidays to the humor that shapes us. Join for one session or for every class.
Beginner's Hebrew
Have you always wanted to know the difference between an Alef and a Taf? Reading the right hand side of the prayer book is easier than you think! Rabbi Farb will teach you to read the letters and words of the Hebrew prayers in their original language. You will be able to read and recognize Hebrew with confidence, and we will all have fun along the way!

Thursdays at 7:30pm
In Person in the Temple Library
or Discord (replaces Zoom)

Please call or email Rabbi Farb if you are interested in signing up today! 813.215.1240 mobile
Tikkun Olam
The Reform Movement works in partnership with representatives from diverse communities
to fight the structural racism that is embedded in our society and to advance justice for all people.
Amid an alarming rise in antisemitic rhetoric and violence, the Union for Reform Judaism has joined with the Anti-Defamation League, the world’s leading anti-hate organization, in the creation of a multi-faceted digital resource that provides both congregations and individuals with the tools to respond to acts of antisemitism and hate in their communities.
More information at

The preservation of the right to vote for all is a fundamental Jewish value
It was inscribed at Sinai in the first-ever voice vote as the people responded -- Na’aseh v’Nishma -- we will do and we will hear/listen. The Sinai communal assent voice vote became the blueprint for a Jewish mitzvah to engage in the world. For generations the sages taught that we have an obligation to be part of the Tzibur, to communally engage and have a voice in choosing leaders. Participation in communal life got woven in a special prayer, in Pirkei Avot 3:2, “Pray for the welfare of the government.” In the 14th century the prayer for the government was inserted in siddurim all over the world. Over time the prayer was reworded, shaped by political realities and in our time we recite an American version of the Sinai tradition, Let each of us be an advocate for justice, an activist for liberty, a defender of dignity. And let us champion the values that make us a haven for the persecuted, a beacon of hope among the nations.”
Meet Your Board Member

Mickie Rabinovich...
It’s hard to believe that I have lived in McAllen and have been a member of Temple Emanuel for 30 years. My husband Michael and I met while attending the University of Texas and moved to McAllen to be closer to his family. Our children – Bari, Andrew and Alex – were born and raised in McAllen. Much to our excitement, all three graduated from the University of Texas. Andrew’s wife Rachel, originally from Memphis, is also a Texas Longhorn. Hook ‘Em!
I was born in Minneapolis. While living there, my family belonged to the Conservative Synagogue and my grandparents belonged to the Orthodox Shul. This mixture allowed me to form a Jewish identity filled with Jewish culture and tradition. Of course, Jewish Geography led to many connections between the Jewish community in McAllen and friends from Minneapolis. When I was ten years old, my family moved to Akron, Ohio, where again we belonged to the Conservative Synagogue. I became a Bat Mitzvah there and several years later, in a snowstorm, Michael and I were married.
Since I have lived here, I have served in various positions on The Temple Board and Sisterhood. I am probably most well-known for the For Men’s Only Luncheon. I have always loved this event because it represents how a group of women and a whole lot of men can work together in orchestrating one of the most sought out luncheons in McAllen. The FMOL is truly a labor of love.
Michael and I are empty nesters. When my youngest son left for college, I decided to go back to work and am the Office Manager at Family First Medical Center. Luckily it hasn’t deterred me from my passion of travel. My hobbies include tennis and mahjong, with my newest addiction being pickleball. I love reading, and yes, I have probably read the newest bestseller!
Why do I continue to be involved at Temple Emanuel? I feel that it is my responsibility to ensure there is always a place for people to be able to live a Jewish life in The Rio Grande Valley. I invite everyone to participate and enjoy our wonderful Temple family. 
Your Temple Board
Temple Emanuel Board of Directors
Ito Deutsch, President
Stephanie Gurwitz, Vice President
Annie Holand Miller, Treasurer
Mickie Rabinovich, Secretary
Mike Blum
Michael Fallek
Danielle Fox
Barry Franklin
Jessica Galloso
Paulette Gindler-Bishop
Lori Goldman
Nora London
David Schnaiderman
Sandy Tawil
Phil Brown, Past President
Lisa Franklin, Sisterhood President 
Join the service in person or by Zoom, then stick around for the virtual Oneg Social following the service.
Rabbi Farb will lead an interactive discussion about the weekly Torah portion. Bring your brain, your heart, and your choice of translation. Stay for the Torah service and virtual Oneg if you can!
Rabbi Farb will lead a short Morning Service and Torah Reading. Join us for the service then stick around for the Oneg Social following the service.
November 5
November 12
November 10
November 26
Torah Portions
Vayeitzei (Genesis 28:10 - 32:3)
Vayishlach (Genesis 32:4 - 36:43)
Vayera (Genesis 37:1 - 40:23)

All Services are accessible by
Zoom or live streaming
Torah Study is available
by Zoom or telephone only
Join by phone: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 949 2150 0251
Password: 464021
Watch Services LIVE
Family News
Speedy Recovery to…
Hal Hazon
Jacob Hazon
Michael Raff
James Dutremaine
Oscar Garcia
Victoria Fiszman
Alan Fiszman
Mike Ginsberg
Norma Einhorn
Patty Landsman
Craig Beckerman
Olga Gabriel
Jeff Gabriel
Candi London
Theresa Alma Thomas Paredes
Alma D. Gonzales
Rochel Dworsa bat Chanah Rifka
Diana Garcia
Angela Winehouse
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November 12
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Hanna Hovey
Kristopher Wyatt
Sarah Schnaiderman
Karstan Dutremaine
Annie Holand Miller
Talia & Tamara Algranatti
Dalia Guerra        
Aaron Fox
Danielle Deutsch
Johan Goldberg
Emily Gurwitz
Benjamin Fiszman
Gina Heim
Beth Brown
Evelyn Tencer
Jack Gurwitz
Ania & Ruben Temkin
Member Support
These are challenging times, and Temple Emanuel is here as a source of comfort and support to our members.
If you or someone you know is in need of humanitarian assistance, our Mitzvah Services Committee has the power to help. Whether it is an unexpected job loss or change, medical expenses, food or other necessities, Mitzvah Services offers confidential support to help see you through.

You are not alone. Call or text a member of the Mitzvah Services Committee:
Lori Goldman 956.227.1950
Paul Wurtzel 956.458.1171
Jessica Galloso 956.358.9264
Sylvia Gayle Klein 956.605.1403
Raul Montemayor 956.212.4551
Ilanit Teverovsky 956.212.8411
Rabbi Nathan Farb 813.215.1240;
L'Dor v'Dor
What is Planned Giving?
The term “planned giving” refers to charitable gifts that can provide valuable tax benefits and/or income for life to the donor as well as benefit our Temple now or in the future.

Potential benefits of planned gifts:
•Increase current income for you or others
•Reduce income tax bracket
•Avoid capital gains tax
•Pass assets to family at a reduced tax cost
•Make significant donations to your temple.

With the assistance of your financial advisor, you can create a planned gift to meet your charitable and financial goals.

Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, and contracts between a donor and a temple and or not-for-profit institutions.

Whether you use cash or other assets, such as securities, real estate, artwork, or partnership interests, the benefits of funding a planned gift can make this type of charitable giving very attractive to both the donor and your temple.
Todah Rabbah
We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who remember and honor their friends and
loved ones through their generous contributions.
Memorial Fund
In Memory of Anna Shapiro
Donated by Cecilia Shapiro
In Memory of Irving Kunik
Donated by Debbie & Lawrence Kroman
In Memory of Ernestina Beer
Donated by Sara Mandelbaum Beer
Social Action Fund
Donation by
 Rochelle Sinder
Marcia Curry
Diana Berger
Lisa & Barry Franklin
Mara Levine
Al Kampmeyer
Library Fund
In Memory of Vicente Navarro
Donated by Sara Mandelbaum Beer
General Fund
In Memory of Stuart Klein
Donated by Linda Cataruzza
Building Fund
 Donation by Olga & Paul Gabriel
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
 In Appreciation of Rabbi Farb
Donation by
Marcia Curry
Jackie & Kristopher Wyatt
Registration for Summer 2022 is now open.
It’s time to think about all the fun at the Summer season in Bruceville.
Wait, there's more! The Early Bird rate will be offered through November 12th. 
This means, if you register before the November 12th, you will receive 2022 tuition at 2021 rates!
Start the new year with the promise of an incredible summer experience.
Don't delay- now is the perfect time to register. 
For more information on our Summer 2022 rates and dates, and
to register for the summer of a lifetime at

November 5
Carlos Gliksman
Irving Levine
Samuel Schwartz
Norman Zahn
Shirley Hershman
Paul Goldberg
November 12
Ida Fair
Margalit Heller Tzfati
Annie G. Lewis
Carlos Roitberg
Patricia Brown
Louis Fox
Ray Leonard
Leopoldo Wischnevsky

November 19
Aaron Heller
Carmela Heller
Marcos Woloski
November 26
Herbert Seligman
Beatrice Goldman
Joan Goldman

Yahrzeit Prayer

As Jews have lit Yahrzeit candles through the generations, as a community, we light this candle in memory of those who are gone, and in empathy with those who suffer their loss.
We light it, too, for those who died with no one to say Kaddish for them.
Whether they perished in the Holocaust, or in a camp in a war-torn land, or alone and homeless on the streets.
At this sacred moment, as we recall with affection those whom death has taken, we thank You for the example of their lives, for their sweet companionship, for our treasured memories and the inspiration they leave behind.
WRJ Covenant of The Soul 
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