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January 2021 | Tevet - Shevat 5781
President’s Reflections
by Shelley Schweitzer

We made it through the holiday season, or have we? I am a life-long learner and 2020 was no different in that way. I took a class or two, read interesting books and articles, did some internet research and fact-checked some of the claims I found in Facebook memes.

On one of our Temple staff calls, our administrative assistant, Lori Houck, mentioned that there were actually 29 holidays observed by people of faith between mid-November and mid-January. I was intrigued.

While I found several websites that list the 140 or so dates on which faith-based holidays are observed each year, I found the most concise to be the listing on the Princeton University Office of Religious Life site: Religious Holidays | Religious Life (princeton.edu)

In exploring the listing, I learned that I have a lot to learn. While I know there are different faiths that fall under the umbrella of Christianity, I did not realize that there were different observances done by so many Christian faiths including Ethiopian Christians, Hispanic Catholic Christians, Catholic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Mormon Christians, as well as those just listed as observed by Christians. Some of the Christian religious that I thought I knew – Presbyterian and Methodist for example – are not delineated separately.

The Christian holy days are listed among those observed by people of the Rastafarian, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist, Shinto, Wicca/Pagan, Baha’i, Sikh, Jain, Zoroastrian, and Jewish faiths. In addition to providing me with an outline for a self-guided exploration of religions and religious observance around the world, this listing was a reminder that someone else looking at this list might find “Jewish” as foreign as I found my personal introduction to Jainism. *

As a society, we have spent a lot of 2020 hearing about the need to be kind to ourselves and to each other; to recognize that we can disagree and still be respectful and that we each have a voice that we have the power and responsibility to use. As we enter 2021, to these Jewish values-based concepts, I hope you will join me in adding patience to the list of behaviors we will work to exercise as we continue to navigate our global and personal realities.

I will strive for patience with those who schedule school picture day on Yom Kippur, patience with those who honk the horn because I paused too long at a newly visible green light, patience with those who are struggling more than I might be as we wait for a vaccine or for quality time with those we love.

May 2021 bring you good health and patience as together we enter a new calendar year that hopefully brings with it a better understanding of the world and people around us.

*Jainism is, according to Wikipedia, “a transtheistic religion, holding that the universe was not created, and will exist forever. It is believed to be independent, having no creator, governor, judge, or destroyer. In this, it is unlike the Abrahamic religions, but similar to Buddhism.”
Please let the Temple Office know if your address has changed for the winter so that we may keep out records up to date. You can call the office at (330) 455-5197 or email us at templeisraelcanton@gmail.com

Thank you,
Lori Houck
Please note that your tax letters for 2020 will be mailed in January with your 1st Quarter Dues Statement for 2021.

If you currently do not have a balance due, your tax letter will be mailed separately.
From Rabbi Emeritus Jon Adland

I want to take a moment to thank our Temple Israel President Shelley Schweitzer and the Temple Israel Board of Directors for the amazing honor of having my name added to Rabbi Spitzer’s on the Social Justice Endowment Fund. Working and fighting for social justice is a significant part of my life’s work. Whether it is finding ways to feed those in need, building at Habitat, working for Women’s Equality and Reproductive Justice, or interfaith work, it is a part of who I am. I am compelled as Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “To pray with my feet.” I would amend his statement to say to pray with my hands or my voice.

The Rabbi John H. Spitzer and Rabbi Jon Adland Social Justice Endowment Fund has supported a number of organizations and projects in recent years: Coming Together Stark County, Habitat for Humanity, Thanksgiving Baskets in Canton, the 100 Coats relief effort in Guatemala. Recently, through the fundraising of Chef Rabbino and the hands-on efforts of a number of Temple Israel men, we built 50 simple desks—many thanks to Mark Atleson for putting in a yeoman’s effort in design and building—for students at Lehman Middle School and Barr Elementary School for students who probably don’t have a workspace at home. Because people were both hungry for some Corky and Lenny’s and generous without being asked, there is a nice nest egg for another project. Rabbi Spitzer and I would be happy to take suggestions for another hands-on project. While our particular interests may at times be different, our commitment to social justice is shared. We collaborate on distributions from the Endowment. Please be in touch with me.

Social Justice is a core value of Reform Judaism and essential part of Temple Israel’s identity and strength. During this pandemic year, we must not retreat from our work and efforts even if we do so socially distanced. I am eager to put this Covid year behind and anticipate working to enhance the world with others at my side. It may be a while, but it won’t be forever. On behalf of Rabbi Spitzer, thank you to all who support the Social Justice Endowment and the work it does and the work we do.  
Hanukkah Raffle Thank You!
Shaaray Torah Synagogue would like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing a ticket for our Annual Hanukkah Raffle for 2020. That support, along with the following individuals, helped make this Raffle a success: Richard Altman, Lou Altman, Hazzan Braun, Patti Green, Mike Magill, David Sklar, Rick Solomon, Darrell Vanest, and Sam Wilkof. 
Todah Rabbah!
2020 Hanukkah Raffle Winners
                       1st Night =     Stephanie Weinberg
                       2nd Night =    Lila Levine & Patti Green
                       3rd Night =    Max & Jennifer Solomon
                       4th Night =    Dean Pearlman
                       5th Night =    Irv & Dorothy Rudick
                       6th Night =    Stan & Pat Sherman
                       7th Night =    PJ & Fran Wells
                       8th Night =    Scott Shapiro - TD Tailgate Grill

Congratulations to all the winners and sincere thanks to all who purchased a ticket(s) and supported the Synagogue!! It was deeply appreciated. 
Mike Magill and Perry Lieberman, Co-chairs
January 1st

Judith Abrams
Mayme Mittelman Woll Altman
Ben Bagan
JoAlice Borack
Elaine Caghan
Harry Louis Cohen
Mildred Cohen
Leon Cohn
Mollie Davis
Harvey Dwork
Sheldon Fantle
Jerome A. Garfinkle
Albert Good
Dorothy Gorin
Morris Greenberger
Jane E. Gross
Sandra L. Hertz
Shari Izsak
Camilla Kohlmann
Mary Lockshin
Florence S. Luntz
Joe Malks
Sarah Stern Mann
Alan Marusich
Harrison Myers
Sarah Schultz
Samuel Shifman
Scott Zorn

January 8th

Beatrice Barnett
Robert L. Barnett
Max Bloom
Harold Chapman
Bernard Falkner
Marty Feldstein
Blema Finesman
Florence P. Fleisher
Pearson Fleisher
Betty Friedman
Barbara Greathouse
Nathan Green
Lee Hillman
Edythe Hoffman
Sol Israel
Edward Jurkiewicz
Richard Levin
David H. Levinson
Dorothy Marlowe
Bessie Mathews
Robert Mintz
Richard Nupuf
Joseph Rakowski
Ralph Refkin
Harry Schoenberg
Sam Stanford
Miriam Weinberg
Rossetta Wilkof
Gordon Winston

January 15th

Hyacinth Coganow
Hilda Cohan
Lt. Melvin M. Feiman
Victor Friend
Victor Helling
Alfred W. Jay
Robert L. Kemp
Isidore Kitzen
Charlotte Kobrin
Solomon Kobrin
Max Komerofsky
Sam Lasse
Martin M. Leitz
Mayer Libster
Carolyn Lieberman
Dr. Irving Lieberman
Barbara Geld Linde
Judith Medvin
Ellen Kahn Miller
Mildred Mills
Dorothy Mishler
Freda Mudrak
Leonard Narens
Harold Neel
Johanna L. Plaut
George Podis
Charles Rapport
Irven Raxlin
Edward Roth
Goldie Sherman
Robert Siegle
Margaret Slesnick
Fanny Slutzker
Joseph Spielman
Jack (Babe) Stearn
Minna Adolph Stone
Fannie Toronski
Sophie Meyers Wagman
Elizabeth Wolf
January 22nd

Melvin Art
Ida Bagan
Florence E. Blate
Fred Caghan
Ruth Dorfman
Harvey Embly
Rose Erlanger
Carol Feldman Lefton
David L. Fettman
Barbara Fleischer
Maurice Friedman
Earl Geisert
Sara B. Hartman
Michael Hirsch
Jan Susan Holtzman
Alexander Jenkins
Mildred Kitzen
Howard Klett
Charles Landau
Carl L. Lavin
Norton Levin
Samuel Luntz
Robert Manheim
Sylvan Mendelson
Philip Miller
Morris J. Nusbaum
Anna Rose Perskey
Mike Pontelle
Ethel Shafron
Gary David Smith
Rossetta Wilkof

January 29th

Herbert Art
Milton Balsam
Nancy Barron
William Borack
Dr. Isadore Browarsky
David Carpenter
Samuel J. Dreyer
Morris W. Fantle
Leslie Flaksman
Keith Friedman
Patricia Nicewonger Galehouse
Rose Glass
Mary Glazer
Samuel J. Hartman
Marc Jonas
David Kades
Esther Levine
David B. Livingston, Sr.
Nellie Riben Mitzman
Esther Mule
Jack Perskey
Verna E. Rodgers
Louis Rogovin
Morris Rosenberg
Ida Ross
Lee Savett
Newton Schultz
Ben Sherwin
Samuel Sigelbaum
Allen Smuckler
Samuel J. Stone
Joan Sugarman
Dorothy J. Summit
Norma Swinderman
Lillian L. Wachtel
Alan Weil
Richard Weiss
Herbert Wernow

With Our Temple Family
The Temple's sympathy is extended to the families of:

Robert H. Schweitzer, who passed away on December 13, 2020. Bob was the husband of Davina; father of Reva, Staci, and Jay (z'l).

Laura Tuber, who passed away on December 18, 2020. Laura was the mother of Sherry (Jerry) Kitzen and Howard (Donna) Tuber.

Larry London, who passed away on December 24, 2020. Larry was the husband of Karen London and the father of Michael (Janice) London.

Geraldine Branz, who passed away on December 25, 2020. Geraldine was the mother of Mary Jo (Joel Rube) Lockshin, Margaret “Peggy” (Michael) Adelman, John (Cheryl) Branz, and Robby (Tara) Branz.
Temple Israel Endowments

Atleson-Laden Family Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Bob Schweitzer, by Mark & Cathy Atleson
Arlene Knell Memorial Program Endowment
In Memory of
  • Larry London, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer; Dayna & Dan Charlick
Lockshin-Goldenfeld Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Geraldine Branz, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
  • Jacob Engelstein, by Shirley Lockshin
Rabbi John H. Spitzer & Rabbi Jon Adland Restricted Fund for Social Justice & Action
In Memory of
  • Dr. Irving Felder, by Sharon Roth
Robert & Shelley Schweitzer Temple Youth Group Endowment
In Memory of
  • Bob Schweitzer, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
General Endowment
In Memory of
  • Robert Latz, by Justin Weiland
  • Bob Schweitzer, by Linda Faust
Martha & Milton Lottman Endowment
In Memory of
  • Belle Felder, by Sharon Roth

Temple Israel Restricted Funds

Mazon Fund - A Jewish Response to Hunger
In Memory of
  • Bob Schweitzer, by Adele & Ron Gelb; Marty & Lois Jacobson; Bob & Celia Borack; Jay & Marcia Berke
  • Geraldine Branz, by Adele & Ron Gelb
  • Laura Tuber, by Sharon Roth
Recovery of
  • Vito Sinopoli, by Chelle & Larry Cohen
Kiddush Fund
In Memory of
  • Susan Borack, by Bob & Celia Borack
Community Relations Fund
Recovery of
  • Rabbi Spitzer, by Barbara Rosenstock
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In Appreciation of
  • Rabbi Komerofsky, by Julie Zorn
Bilha Ron Religious School Enrichment Fund
In Memory of
  • Richard Rosen, by Randi & Bill Smuckler