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May 2021 | Iyyar - Sivan 5781
President’s Reflections
by Shelley Schweitzer

I love the Irving Berlin classic “Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep). The opening lyric reminds us that when we are worried and cannot sleep, we should count our blessings instead of sheep. I thought April 2020 was an unusual month until I hopped aboard the April 2021 rollercoaster.

Every day, throughout the ups and downs of this crazy Spring, I have been overwhelmed by support and encouragement of friends near and far. I have always had an appreciation for the many blessings in our lives and I have always known and felt an abundance of love and friendship around me. When this love and concern is showered on a person/family all at once, it serves as a cocoon of support and acts as a warm embrace.

Our blessings continue to grow as Rob’s strength and mobility return following open-heart surgery April 15. Of course, the healthy arrival of our granddaughter on April 11 is a blessing that will continue to multiply.

Sleeping has never been my strength and a week/month with a lot of ups and downs does not necessarily result in restful REM sleep. What does help me to take a deep breath and relax is when I take that moment to hit that pause button and allow all of these blessings to wash over me. In those moments that I feel the presence of all of you who have offered congratulations and good wishes, who have offered help and support, I feel God’s presence and I am grateful.

So, when I am worried and cannot sleep, I will continue to count my blessings instead of sheep. Our Temple Israel family is indeed a blessing. Thank you for always being a constant to our family and to each other. 
The Greatest Gift of All
by Julie Zorn
Over 3,330 years ago, G-d gave Moses the Torah on top of Mt. Sinai. The Torah is arguably the greatest gift G-d gave to the Jewish people, and each year on Shavuot, we celebrate this incredible blessing.

As the Chadash school year draws to an end right before the holiday which brings such a gem of a gift to the forefront of our minds, I am overcome with all the gifts we have shared in this highly unusual virtual year. 

I couldn’t help but wonder as we gathered on Zoom for the first time and joined our virtual classroom breakout rooms, if this model would work for us successfully. Well, it did. It did way more than I ever could have imagined, and it did, because we are blessed in Canton, OH with the incredible gift of an amazing community.

Chadash is blessed with a dedicated and a talented faculty who ensured that despite a learning curve of technology, they would find a way to make online learning for our students engaging and fun. We are blessed with parents who committed to picking up supplies each month, overseeing their children’s technology and getting involved when need be to make certain their children got the very most out of the weekly experience. We are also blessed to have such a caring education committee led by co-chairs, Jonathan Wilkof and Mike Magill and our beloved clergy, Rabbi David Komerofsky and Hazzan Bruce Braun who were flexible to refine the worship experience but still created educational and spiritual content for students of all ages.

Perhaps the Torah is the greatest gift given to our people by G-d, but I know that my greatest gift in this community is that I’ve been blessed with an extraordinary team. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful and want to pass along a huge Todah Rabah for each person who contributed to another special year of Chadash despite its challenges. From the faculty and staff, we wish you all a wonderful summer, and I can promise, we’ll dream it all up again for another meaningful 2021/2022 school year. L’hitraot!
Congratulations to our 2021 Graduating Seniors!

Corrine Claudia Slesnick
Daughter of Erica & Scott Slesnick

Graduating from Hoover High School. Taking a bi-year for study and work before deciding on a college.
Zachary Samuel Charlick
Son of Dayna & Dan Charlick

Graduating from Jackson High School. College is currently undecided.
Matthew Joseph Garfinkle
Son of Carolyn & Paul Garfinkle

Graduating from GlenOak High School. College is currently undecided.

May 7th

Marvin Adland
Rosalind Bagan
Jake Chapman
Ruth Epstein
William Epstein
Julius Finkelstein
Bella Fisher
Janet Greenberg
Florence Hecht
Frederick B. Hennes
James Jolly
Dorothy Kinast
Sam Miller
Rhoda Nusbaum
Esther Rosenberg
Susan Low Sauer
Rhoda Sillins
Dora Silver
Eugene Sirak
Glenn (Red) Slaughter

May 14th

Daniel Breitbart
Annetta T. Cooper
Rhonda L. Davis
Ethel Dearment
Solomon Gelfand
Manuel Greenbaum
Esther May Grossman
Theodore S. Gup
Ann Haines
Edith Hawthorne
Ainsley Paige Higgins
Louis Hoicowitz
Florence M. Landau
Carrie Bing Livingston
Fannie Love
Sydney Mandel
Irving A. Miller
Marvin Raikin
Barry Roberts
Betsy Sachs
Sadie Stein
Bonnie Weidman
Libby Weiner
Bess Weinstein
Margaret Wells
Joseph Winkler

May 21st

Edward Arnold
Norma Chapman
Marie Dreyer
William P. Ebie
Jane Pullen Gilling
Douglas M. Glazer
Larry Green
Jean Half Greenberger
Leslie Haber
Florence K. Hirschheimer
Milton L. Hirschheimer
Louis Kaven
Leonard "Len" Kitzen
Gladys Lazarus
Mina Wolf Levie
Clarence Julius Leyton
Denise Guyot Luntz
Joan Manning
Paul Meyers
Ruth Barnett Nethero
Ronald D. Newman
Robert Porter
Aaron Scholnik
Stanford Sirak
Manny Smith
Jack Speyer
Louis Weiner

May 28th

Maurice Adelman
Marilyn Adland
Rosa Adolph
Louise Autilio
Ethel Brown
Bess Epstein
David Friedman
Roslyn Fuerman
Jacob Garber
Dora Gottlieb
Dr. Charles Greene
William B. Harmon
Sylvia Henkin
Virginia Herbert
Helene Jonas
Nathan Lockshin
Douglas Lomaz
Nellie Love
Belle Manheim
Joseph H. Miller
Juana Resnik
Arthur Rosenstock
Gloria Schmidt
Norman Schneider
Jeannine Thompson
Dr. Wayne Wolf

With Our Temple Family
The Temple's sympathy is extended to the families of:

Eugene Dougherty, who passed away on April 3, 2021. Eugene was the wife of Sharon Dougherty and father of Melissa (Jeremy) Woofter.

Barbara Herst, who passed away on April 6, 2021. Barbara was the mother of John Strauss.

Mazal Tov to:

Julia Potter & Adam Schweitzer on the birth of their daughter, Rebecca Estelle Schweitzer, on April 11, 2021.
Proud Grandparents are Shelley & Rob Schweitzer; Linda Hoffman & David Potter
Proud Great-Grandmother of Estelle Blau
Proud Big Brother is Benjamin Alan Schweitzer

Adam & Deanna Prescott on the birth of their son, Daylen Howard Prescott, on April 11. 2021.
Proud Grandparents are Linda & Howard Smuckler
Proud Great-Grandmother is Carole Sheidlower

Welcome new Temple members:

Welcome to Eric Nusbaum, who joined the Temple on March 26, 2021. Eric is the son of Judith Nusbaum; sister of Amy Nusbaum.

Welcome to Elizabeth Stabholz, who joined the Temple on April 18, 2021. Elizabeth is the sister of Peggy Stabholz.
Temple Israel Endowments

Lockshin-Goldenfeld Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Dora (DeSarno), by Shirley Lockshin; Mary Jo Lockshin
  • Elias Weinstock, by Shirley Lockshin
  • Janie Zoldan, by Mary Jo Lockshin
  • Jack Goldman, by Mary Jo Lockshin

Robert & Shelley Schweitzer Temple Youth Group Endowment
In Honor of
  • Shelley & Rob Schweitzer, birth of granddaughter, Rebecca, by Scott Mandel; Sam & Susan Wilkof
Recovery of
  • Rob Schweitzer, by Drew & JuDeane Luntz

Rabbis John H. Spitzer & Jon Adland Social Justice Endowment
In Honor of
  • Rabbi Jon Adland, by Monica Burgauer
In Memory of
  • Wilt Chapman, by Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland
  • Norman Chapman, by Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland
  • Marvin Adland, by Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland
  • Jake Chapman, by Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland
  • Rhoda Sillins

Narens Family Endowment
In Memory of
  • Barbara Herst, by Ed & Jo-Anne Buxbaum

Trees for Israel
In Memory of
  • Jeanne Palmer, by Paul & Marilyn Feldman

Bilha Ron Religious School Endowment
In Honor of
  • Linda & Howard Smuckler, birth of grandson, Daylen, by Sam & Susan Wilkof

Carl & Audrey Lavin Endowment
In memory of
  • Barbara Herst, by Audrey Lavin

Temple Israel Restricted Funds

Mazon Fund - A Jewish Response to Hunger
In Memory of
  • Elias Weinstock, by Rick & Susie Grossman
  • Barbara Herst, by William & Diane Blocker; Paul & Marilyn Feldman; Marty & Lois Jacobson
  • Gene Dougherty, by Matt & Eileen Saltarelli
  • Howard Cohodas, by Judie Cohodas
  • Harry Smuckler, by Harlene Smuckler
Recovery of
  • Jerry Ortman, by Eileen & Irv Dinn
  • Rob Schweitzer, by Harlene Smuckler
  • Alan Rudick, by Joe & Becky Zoldan
In Honor of
  • Chelle Cohen, 31 years of dedication to JFS, by Adele & Ron Gelb
  • Shelley & Rob Schweitzer, birth of granddaughter, Rebecca, by Jay & Marcia Berke; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli; Adele & Ron Gelb
  • Estelle Blau, birth of great-granddaughter, Rebecca, by Jay & Marcia Berke; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli
  • Linda & Howard Smuckler, birth of grandson, Daylen, by Adele & Ron Gelb

Kiddush Fund
In Memory of
  • Dr. Percy Winston, by Dr. David Winston
  • Dr. Samuel H. Winston, by Dr. David Winston
  • Earl Geisert, by Ellery & Greer Kabb Langkamp
  • Marion Geisert, by Ellery & Greer Kabb Langkamp
  • William Landau, by Estabelle Landau

General Endowment
In Memory of
  • Jack Goldman, by Shirley Lockshin

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In Honor of
  • Rabbi David Komerofsky, by Monica Burgauer; Nora Sherwin; Davina Schweitzer
  • Shabbat Honors, by Steve & Bonnie Manello