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November 2020 | Cheshvan-Kislev 5781
President’s Reflections
by Shelley Schweitzer

This Fall, I participated in Rabbi Spitzer’s ethical wills class. As we prepared to write our thoughts, class members studied a number of documents and texts including Ecclesiastes. I am sure that many of you, like me, know the Ecclesiastes text from The Byrds’ 1965 chart-topper “Turn, Turn, Turn.” “To everything – turn, turn, turn; There is a season – turn, turn, turn; And a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Perhaps, like me, you have never given much thought to the rest of the text, which notes, in verses 8 and 9 that “Whatever has been is what will be, and whatever has been done is what will be done. There is nothing new beneath the sun.”

As I consider these words in these “unprecedented” times; I was reminded that these times may be different; however, they really aren’t “unprecedented.” In fact, this is not the world’s first pandemic. This is not the first time in history that opinions have divided a nation. Even sports seasons had been interrupted 16 times prior to this pandemic including for the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 (during which time people were asked to wear masks, by-the-way) and for world wars.

These times may feel like they are unprecedented, because this experience is new for each of us. Our collective psyche is processing new experiences in different ways. No doubt, our experiences this year, like our experiences every year, will inform our choices and behaviors next year and the year after that. I suspect that the experiences of 2020 will provide a new perspective for many and perhaps help us to be more intentional as we move forward.

I have noticed that most days, I am less stressed about the “little stuff,” although I feel, even greater, the weight of things which I would categorize as the “big stuff.” I have learned during these seven plus months, primarily at home, to focus my energy on those things that I value; to determine that which is within my control, and to continually learn and grow from each experience. I remain committed to moving forward in this year that has brought an opportunity to slow down, to shift focus and to listen and respond to the needs of those around me, including - and especially - the members of our Temple family.

Indeed, to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. The “season” of this pandemic will eventually turn as well. Perhaps one of the blessings that will emerge from it will be clarity for each of us on our purpose under heaven.

A Sense of Familiarity
by Julie Zorn

During this time of Covid, it takes great effort to bring a sense of familiarity to a school setting. A building and classrooms, after all, automatically set up an environment for learning. It is important as educators to create that atmosphere as much as possible in a virtual setting, as well.

Chadash began its school year on October 18th. Each week, our students and faculty have been gathering together as a community for Tefilah led by Rabbi Komerofsky of Temple Israel and by Hazzan Braun of Shaaray Torah Synagogue, and they are also have been placed in break out rooms for age appropriate classroom time. 

One tradition that has brought a sense of community to Chadash over the last couple of years is closing our school each week with a Havdalah service. The students and parents really enjoy singing these prayers and passing along the ritual items breathing in the beautiful smelling spices and holding their fingers out to the flames of the twisted candle to see its glow reflected on their skin.

Though we have not been able to gather on the staircase as we are used to this year, the Chadash Havdalah set travels from family to family to use at the end of our virtual school day as director, Julie Zorn, sings the blessings and plays the Debbie Friedman melody on her guitar.

Chadash students also have the tradition of collecting Tzedakah each week, and the oldest students vote on where the Tzedakah should be donated at the end of the school year. Though we are not together to be able to collect money from students, a Tzedakah box craft will be sent home this month, and students will be asked to put money into their own boxes. We will collect the money at the end of the school year, and again, we will be able to allocate these funds to a needy cause of Chadash students’ choosing.

The Coronavirus has forced Chadash to make many changes, but it has also shown us how to be nimble and make do. We know that our community is filled with caring students and families, and though physically apart, we have learned that we always have each other as we embrace our beloved school traditions and welcome in new ones.
Temple Israel Sisterhood would like to thank you if you have sent in your Donor Pledge for 2020. If you haven’t, Sisterhood hopes you will consider supporting Chadash – 100% of your contribution helps educate the children of our Temple Community so they can further their Jewish education and one day teach their children.

A special program, “You and I, We’ll Change the World,” featuring members of our community and Chadash, will be available on November 15, 2020. Please watch for the link that will be sent that morning.
Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be virtual this year. The link to the service can be found here when it is available:

Friday, November 6th
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With Our Temple Family
The Temple's sympathy is extended to the families of:

Ruth Rubenstein, who passed away on October 3, 2020. Ruth was the mother Debra (Vito) Sinopoli, Robin Rubenstein (Howard Richmond), Dr. Laurie Rubenstein (Dr. Hector Medina),
Dr. Louis (Jane) Rubenstein; grandmother of Ariana (Kelvin), Dana, Matthew (Evelin), Angela, Michael (Alexandra), David (Matthew), Alexis (Billy), Benjamin (Eleanor), and Emily.

Mazal Tov to:

Sarah Louise Grace Adelman & Thomas Moyer, who were married on October 9, 2020. Sarah is the daughter of Michelle & Barry Adelman.

Josh & Karen Adland on the birth of their son, Asher Leo Adland, on October 13, 2020. Proud Grandparents are Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland. Proud big brother is Liam.

Temple Israel Endowments

Alan B. & Estelle Wilkof Blau Endowment
In Memory of
  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Estelle Blau
Lockshin-Goldenfeld Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Shirley Lockshin
In Honor of
  • Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland, on the birth of their grandson, Asher, by Shirley Lockshin
Frank & Barbara Fleischer Community Caring Endowment
In Memory of
  • Randy Fleischer, by Estelle Blau
Rabbi John H. Spitzer & Rabbi Jon Adland Restricted Fund for Social Justice & Action
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  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Bob & Diane Friedman
  • Anna Falk Adland, by Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland
In Honor of
  • Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland, on the birth of their grandson, Asher, by Mark & Cathy Atleson; Dan & Dayna Charlick
  • Rabbi John Spitzer, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
  • Rabbi Jon Adland, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
Robert & Shelley Schweitzer Temple Youth Group Endowment
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  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Harlene Smuckler
Narens Family Endowment
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  • Bob Friedman, by Ed & Jo-Anne Buxbaum
  • Lee Karelitz, by Ed & Jo-Anne Buxbaum

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Kiddush Fund
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  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Marshall & Gail Bleckman
Mazon Fund - A Jewish Response to Hunger
In Memory of
  • Ruth Rubenstein, by John & Barb Spera; Eileen & Irv Dinn; Jay & Marcia Berke; Ted & Gail Goldman; Laura & Adam Goldman; Paul & Marilyn Feldman; Adele & Ron Gelb; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli; Barbara Rosenstock
  • Bob Sharkis, by Shirley Lockshin
Recovery of
  • Bob Friedman, by Eileen & Irv Dinn; Adele & Ron Gelb; Paul & Marilyn Feldman; Robert & Susan Narens; Ted & Gail Goldman; Barbara Rosenstock
  • Lee Karelitz, by Adele & Ron Gelb; Paul & Marilyn Feldman
In Honor of
  • Rabbi Jon & Sandy Adland, on the birth of their grandson, Asher, by Adele & Ron Gelb; Paul & Marilyn Feldman; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli; Jay & Marcia Berke
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  • High Holy Days Services (Rabbi Komerofsky, Shelley Schweitzer, Daveed Buzaglo, & Alex Marr), by Karen Olden
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
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  • Rabbi David Komerofsky, High Holy Days, by Stephen & Ellen Miller
  • Rabbi David Komerofsky, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
In Memory of
  • Marion Sherwin, by Sue & Jeff Weiler; Shelley Benjamin; Don & Sally Messinger; Mark & Paula Weinstein; Joseph Patrick & family
Bilha Ron Religious School Enrichment Fund
In Memory of
  • Nancy Shifman, by Dave & Beverly Worshil
  • Bob Sharkis, by Dave & Beverly Worshil
  • Ruth Rubenstein, by Arnie & Linda Rosenblatt; Bill & Randi Smuckler
Recovery of
  • Bob Friedman, by Arnie & Linda Rosenblatt; Bill & Randi Smuckler