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October 2020 | Tishrei-Cheshvan 5781
President’s Reflections
by Shelley Schweitzer

I think we’ll title this article “Home for the Holidays.” I am writing these reflections during the Days of Awe. Rosh Hashana has passed and I await the arrival of Kol Nidre.

We had just ended our observance of Passover last April when a friend of mine, who is a program director at a very large synagogue in New York, told me that their senior leadership team was meeting to discuss what to do for the High Holy Days should this pandemic continue into fall. I guess I was naïve, or perhaps just hopeful, when I responded that surely this would all be over by September.

It wasn’t too many weeks later that here in Canton, we recognized that we must at least consider the possibility. And so the conversations began. How could we be us Temple Israel in Canton, Ohio – if we could not be together in community?

It seems that we did okay. Thank you to all who have provided positive and constructive feedback. Thank you for recognizing that we strive to listen and incorporate your feedback in the decisions being made. Thank you for your patience with our prayer book and information distribution process. We’ve certainly learned things that will inform our process if we do this again. We are, of course, hopeful that we will not be doing this again. We’ll see what else we learn as we make an effort to have 100% of our prayer books returned so that they are available in our sanctuary next year.
It was great to see so many congregants at our drive-thru pick-up line and during deliveries. Even from many feet away, with masks in place, it was nice to say hello in person and wish everyone a healthy, sweet new year.

With appreciation to our Temple volunteers and staff who organized our prayer book distribution process, provided counsel to the rabbi as a member of the High Holy Day task force or as a member of our Temple Board, who participated in our worship services by reading Torah, bringing blessing, helping us hear the familiar sounds of the harmonizing shofarote, or who helped coordinate location usage from the recording spaces to our cemeteries, I bring you the thanks of a grateful congregation. To all of the professionals and staff in our community who work tirelessly behind the scenes – and sometimes out front – I bring the thanks of a grateful congregation.

If you happen to talk to any of the following people (listed in alphabetical order), please join me in thanking them for helping to shape this year’s High Holy Day experience. Whether they served in one or multiple capacities, all of these people contributed to this year’s High Holy Day planning and implementation process: Rabbi Jon Adland, Sandy Adland, Cathy Atleson, Mark Atleson, Jim Barnett, Abram Blau, Chelle Cohen, Diana Collum, Daniel Silverman, Bob Friedman, Matthew Garfinkle, Paul Garfinkle, Adele Gelb, Ron Gelb, Madelyn Gratop, Patti Green, Bev Gross, Lori Houck, Marty Jacobson, Greer Kabb-Langkamp, Lee Karelitz, Paulette Karelitz, Rabbi David Komerofsky, Bonnie Manello, Steve Manello, Alan Mostov, Denise Nielson, Toni Olenick, Joan Ortman, Anita Porter, Stan Rosenblatt, Eileen, Saltarelli, Rob Schweitzer, Sue Shafer, Ronit Sherwin, Linda Simon-Mietus, Barb Spera, John Spera, Debbie Spetich, Rabbi John Spitzer, John Strauss, Cindy Taylor, Mark Taylor, Mark Tenenbaum, Sheryl White, Jonathan Wilkof, Rabbi David Wolfman, Julie Zorn. My apologies if I have inadvertently omitted anyone from this list, which is current as of this writing.

I think that we would all agree that being home for the holidays was weird; I hope that we would also agree that the 5781 High Holy Day experience was reflective of who we are as an inclusive, welcoming community that strives to bring meaning and a warm virtual embrace to all who choose to engage.
High Holy Day Prayer Book Drive Thru Return
Sunday, October 4 and 11 | 11 a.m. -1 p.m.

We hope that your High Holy Day experience was meaningful and joyful. Please plan to drop off borrowed prayer books at the Temple Sunday, October 4th or Sunday, October 11th between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Please return only the books; keep the bag as our gift. If you have donations for the Federation Food Bank, you may drop them off at this time.

Chadash families can pick up school supplies on Oct. 11 during these hours as well.

If you need to make arrangements for book or food donation pick-up, please call the Temple Office, 330-455-5197, and leave your name and telephone number. Someone will call you back to make arrangements for pick-up.
Virtual Sukkot
By Julie Zorn

Typically, Chadash comes together to celebrate Sukkot. Whether the holiday falls when Chadash can meet during religious school hours on a Sunday or during Hebrew school on a Wednesday evening or even if it’s raining, we have managed to come together no matter the obstacles presented to us.

Unfortunately this year, our communal gathering will not be possible due to the pandemic and the building closure, but there are a couple of out-of-the-box ways you can celebrate the holiday together as a family or even virtually.

Here are two wonderful options to try with your kids that are both engaging and educational.  
Chag Sukkot Sameach to all of our Chadash families and friends.

This easy-to-use, colorful, animated app invites children to virtually experience the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Earn shekels by exploring the original blueprints of the Torah texts and the discussions of ancient Jewish sages, and then use these clues as a guide to find the Arba Minim and to build a sukkah. Try to create your own shaking patterns for Sammy to Shake the Lulav and Etrog and earn more coins by taking a quiz about Sukkot. If you don’t understand any words, visit the interactive glossary and earn even more shekels when you practice the Sukkot Brachot. The Sukkah Challenge includes Jewish sources and information regarding biblical and historical
references to the Four Species and the sukkah
as well as videos, pictures and interesting facts about Sukkot in Jerusalem and around the world. Students are encouraged to interact with the texts in order to teach analysis skills and be responsible for their own learning.

Building a Virtual Sukkah Inside of Minecraft
(from popcholent.com)

Find a Space to Build
A kosher sukkah has to be under open skies, with no trees or roof blocking the top.

A sukkah must have at least two and half walls. The top of a sukkah cannot be higher than 20 amot, which equates to a little under 10 meters. According to the Minecraft wiki, each block is one square meter. Keep it lower than 10 blocks, and you’ll be fine.
The Roof
The roofing material, or s’chach, must be made with something that grew in the ground but is no longer attached to earth. You have to be able to see the sky through the material, but there should be more s’chach than sunlight. Tree leaves let just enough sky in.

Add pictures of fruit and flowers to the walls and anything else you’d like!

The Lulav and the Etrog
Unfortunately, you cannot find any of the Arba’at HaMinim in the world of Minecraft. Instead you can try a jungle sapling in your right hand and held a golden apple in your left. They look similar enough to use as a good substitution.
Temple Israel Sisterhood would like to thank you if you have sent in your Donor Pledge for 2020. If you haven’t, Sisterhood hopes you will consider supporting Chadash – 100% of your contribution helps educate the children of our Temple Community so they can further their Jewish education and one day teach their children.

A special program, “You and I, We’ll Change the World,” featuring members of our community and Chadash, will be available on November 15, 2020. More details will be available closer to that date.
Thanksgiving Baskets is looking for people to help with registration on Oct. 17th from 9-11 or 11-1. 

In particular this year, we are looking for people to enter the information onto excel or help with line management.

Registration will be under the portico between the Civic Center and the Museum downtown.

If you can help, contact either Jeff Fricker at jeff@stmichaelcanton.org or Rabbi Adland at j.adland@gmail.com.

We will also need help on Nov. 21 with distribution at the same location.
Friday, October 2nd
Louis Bailey
Benjamin Block
Gerald Burns
Goldie Riben Cohen
Robert H. Erlanger
Dr. Samuel J. Feingold
Joseph Fisher
Norma Greenbaum
Robert Victor Haas
Harold Horwitz
Morris Kamenetzky
Sylvia C. Leitz
William S. Manheim
Hyman Nathanson
Murray Pearl
Bernard Ress
Jack Rosenstock
Alex Rosenthal
Eunice Rosenthal
Nathan Ross
Jeanne S. Rubin
Louis A. Sacks
Essie Samuels
Rachel Savage
Dr. Morris Schaner
Irving Schweitzer
Joseph Tenenbaum
Florence Triger
Abe Warszawski
Dorothy Werstler
Raymond Wilkof

Friday, October 9
Dora Abramson
Rose Caghan
Pvt. Samuel Cohn, Jr.
Saul Corman
Lana Covel
Jacob Finesman
Rose Fisher
Michael Flaksman
Philip C. Fleischer, Sr.
Irwin Frisch
Robert Gill
Jack Goldberg
Bernard Gross
Elliot Gross
Fannie Heller
Mary Heller
Yvonne Hervey
Sara Kropko
Leonard Leopold
Henry Mandel
Hilda Manello
Bessie Milner
Alex Mizel
Nancy Owens
Ida Mae Pullan
Irene Schoenberg
Pearl Shifman
Rose Pollack Simon
Sol Singer
Sanya Sklar
Jennie Stanford
Leonard L. Tuber
Bonnie Turkeltaub
David Vint
Raymond Wilkof

Friday, October 16
Freda Arkow
Everett Balsam
Ruth Diamond
Herman Emerman
Ellis A. Feiman
Robert C. Ferne
Helen Fleisher Foreman
Lillian Frisch
Goldie Greenwald
Herbert Helling
Inessa Khachaturov
Edith Komerofsky
Dorothy Krabill
Alice Laden
Anna Linde
Fanny T. Luntz
Ben Marks
Louis Perskey
Stuart Rabinowitz
Lewis Raxlin
Barbara Saltzman
Jay Schweitzer
Carly Sigelbaum
Scott Smith
Anita Wolf
Friday, October 23rd
Donald Adam
Dorothy Art
Norman Cohodas
Abraham Dwork
Florence Feinman
Fay Greenberg
Mildred Gross
Cathryn Halverson
Henrietta B. Hyman
Richard E. Lavine
Samuel Love
Alan Meyers
Rae Miller
Joseph Ortman
Helen Reinglass
Sylvia Sue Robbins
Armin Roth
Blanche Rubin
Frances Sabetay
Louis Shuman
Faye Silverman
Betty N. Singer
Beatrice Sirak
Viola Spera
Saul Tamny
Robert D. Weinberg
Ida Wilkof
Regina Winkler
Anne Woolf

Friday, October 30th
Anna Falk Adland
Adolph Altman
Abe Art
Bernard Bear
Milton Bloom
Evelyn I. Bowman
E. Lazar Cohen
Dr. Daniel T. Feiman
Ann Feldman Merken
Florence Fettman
Betty Fleischer
Rabbi Paul Gorin
Erwin Hecht
Flora Israel
Daniel M. Jonas
Helen Kaven
Mary Krupp
Leo B. Lavin
Blanch B. Perlman
Ellis Pontelle
Gary Norman Silverhart
Evelyn Stone
Tom Weinstock
Jerre Wilkof
Florence Winston
With Our Temple Family
The Temple's sympathy is extended to the families of:

Sue E. Monsell, who passed away on August 31, 2020. Sue was the wife of Rick Monsell; mother of Lynn (Todd) Kotler; grandmother of Lauren LeBlanc and Lucas Kotler; sister of Joan (Ken) Symonds.

Dr. Robert Sharkis, who passed away on September 6, 2020. Robert was the father of Dr. David (Kathy) Sharkis and Lisa (Hadley) Lowy; grandfather of Ethan and Abigail Sharkis and Gabriella and Colette Lowy.

Arnold Rubin, who passed away on September 13, 2020. Arnold was the father of Nancy (Bruce) Bailey, Karl (Sharon Simon) Rubin, Judson (Linda) Rubin; grandfather of Jacob Rubin, Alison and Shannon Rubin, Joshua Bailey, Benjamin Bailey, Leah Bailey, and Rachel (Marshal) Slayton; great-grandfather of Zoe and Rose Slayton.

Marion Sherwin, who passed away on September 15, 2020. Marion was the wife of Ben(z'l); mother of Allan Sherwin, Carolyn (Ed) Gabelman, Eddie (Debbie) Sherwin and Sanford Sherwin; grandmother of Ronit (Rabbi David Komerofsky) Sherwin, Ari (Tracy Turoff) Sherwin, Rafi Sherwin, Kelly Sherwin Trommels, Ilana (Scott) Wolfson, Heather Gabelman, Joel (Ashley Braun) Gabelman, Michael (Diana) Gabelman, Bridgette Sherwin and Benjamin Sherwin.

Welcome new Temple members:

Welcome to Jeff Sherman, who joined the Temple on August 27, 2020.

Welcome to Richard & Cynthia Flaksman, who joined the Temple on September 6, 2020.

Temple Israel Endowments

Atleson/Laden Family Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Marion Sherwin, by Cathy & Mark Atleson
Lockshin-Goldenfeld Religious School Endowment
In Memory of
  • Ida Goldenfeld, by Shirley Lockshin
  • Nancy Shifman, by Shirley Lockshin
  • Joyce Lockshin, by Shirley Lockshin
  • Arlene Lockshin, by Shirley Lockshin
  • Sid Maiten, by Shirley Lockshin
  • David Katan, by Shirley Lockshin
Frank & Barbara Fleischer Community Caring Endowment
In Memory of
  • Randy Fleischer, Patricia & Robert Nicholas; Paula Bloom; Audrey Lavin
Robert & Shelley Schweitzer Temple Youth Group Endowment
In Memory of
  • Arnold Rubin, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
  • Marion Sherwin, by Rob & Shelley Schweitzer

Temple Israel Restricted Funds

Kiddush Fund
In Memory of
  • Randy Fleischer, by Barbara Goldberg
  • Dr. Robert Sharkis, by Jo-Anne & Ed Buxbaum
Mazon Fund - A Jewish Response to Hunger
In Memory of
  • Dr. Robert Sharkis, by Mimi Shapiro
  • Randy Fleischer, by Marty & Lois Jacobson
  • Leah Olden, by Karen Olden
  • Aaron Saltzman, by Joyce & Jerry Ortman
  • Marion Sherwin, by Adele & Ron Gelb; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In Honor of
  • Rabbi Komerofsky's Shabbat Services, by Jim & Bobby Pazol
  • HHD Services, by Debra & Edward Sherwin; David Stein
In Memory of
  • Marion Sherwin, by Dayna & Dan Charlick; Paul & Marilyn Feldman
  • Arnold Rubin, by Jay & Marcia Berke; Matt & Eileen Saltarelli