Your Workout Is Not Canceled!

 As you probably heard by now, we are required to close in-studio classes effective this Wednesday, for at least 3 weeks. Tonight's scheduled classes virtual AND in-studio are ON. In fact, it's gonna be one heckuva Rock vs. Hip Hop throw down! 

Starting tomorrow Wednesday, November 18, we'll be 100% virtual + on-demand. Let's look at the positive - we still get to see each other no matter where we are! We are happy to get you setup virtually if you have not taken a class yet and would like to. Please email 

On-Demand is also a great option as it offers a workout based on your schedule that day. You press Play when you're ready to sweat!

Our current class schedule is available and virtual and on-demand classes can be booked on MindBody. Search for "Vibe Fit." 

We appreciate you and your continued support! Stay well! 

Thanksgiving Day: Virtual Zumba + On-Demand Classes!

Once again we'll host our annual Thanksgiving morning Zumba class - virtually this year! We also have a full list of on-demand classes if you'd like to workout at your convenience that day. Check it out!