To our absolutely AMAZING customers,

These past weeks have been full of craziness and chaos for all of us. We would like to start by thanking all of our customers for their support and understanding during this time. It has been a learning curve for all of us in these unprecedented times!

As most of you know Boston Beef is only Mike and Jenn. We have been trying to keep up with all your orders and trying to make sure we keep everything as safe as we can for both our customers and ourselves.

At this time we ask that you respect us in deciding to close the shop for the next week or two.

We unfortunately have had a few of our local, family owned purveyors close for the next few weeks and are having some difficulty in getting our standard of product. We had decided that closing the shop is the best option in this scenario in order for us to keep providing everyone with our quality standard products instead of anything inferior.

Thank you for being understanding knowing our standards that we have and as supportive through this as everyone has!

Our customers are amazing and we wouldn’t be Boston Beef without you guys!
Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for future information!

Everyone please stay healthy and safe! Thank you all so much! We will be back!
Mike and Jenn


Mike & Jenn from Boston Beef