The Yoga Loft will be temporarily closed as we continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation and abide by the recommendations of the state.

We echo the sentiments of everyone else around- from yoga studios to service industry employees, from little tykes to our more mature community members. We hope that everyone can be patient as the local 'day to day' as we know it takes a pause and that we all remember that this is just as impermanent as the recent 70 degree Monday.
We talked about Sutra 2.33 in depth Friday night.

Yoga Sutra 2.33 says, “ When negative thoughts present themselves cultivate and think the opposite thoughts with feelin g;”

As hard as it may be I am trying to do this myself:
I think about all the great habits that folks are reinforcing and strengthening, the studio and its props are pristine and when we open up again we will maintain the same standards as we have developed recently; creativity in home schooling, arts and crafts and home projects is certainly expanding; you can finally binge watch all the shows on Netflix youve been hearing about; the back of the freezer has all sorts of food in it you can use to make unusual stir fry, chilis or soups; you can dust off the ab roller your ex gave you for your 30th birthday and take the clothes off the home gym and test them out; and Spring is a few days away!

Our friend Kristin Olson of HOME Yoga is offering ZOOM classes and she is amazing!!
Check out her website and login to catch a great class!

I can also send you Spanish assignments:)if you want to brush up on your Castilian, Sanskrit games, our Yoga Loft HIIT workouts and healthy recipes to keep you busy!

Please be kind to all the small businesses and those whose income depends on clients, customers and visitors.
When things are cleared up I plan to offer many bonus classes and treats to balance out. Check website and Mind Body as far as workshops and classes go coming up

Sending you a big hug and virtual kiss