Ahimsa : The Practice of Non-Harming 

We have been advised by the CDC, WHO, and local & federal governments that limiting social gatherings is critical. As a business that serves the public we know that shutting down our in-person services and taking our business online is the most responsible and compassionate action that can be taken.

As we sit with this decision we also know that shutting our doors means potential financial hardship for many. Which is why we are asking our members to support us during this uncertainty.

Keep the flow going . Maintain your membership for one more month as we take it online during a temporary closure. We are adding more and more online classes daily (look out for some surprise past extendYoga teachers too!!).

We will continue to take this day-by-day, and when circumstances change, we'll reopen our studio and inform you immediately.

Thank you for all the love letters, support, and for being on our side.

We LOVE you! 💗

Arlet + all of us at extendYoga
PRACTICE WITH US ONLINE via Facebook ! You do not need a Facebook account for access. We will be adding to this online library over the next coming days. (Look out for some surprise past extendYoga teachers too!!). Please follow our YouTube page - we may add more videos there as well.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. If you plan on taking online classes, please consider donating any amount.
We have created a safe (online) space for extendYogis to gather as a community and post their needs (babysitters, food, support, etc). To join the group, go HERE and click "Join Group."