January 4, 2019
Temporary Reduction of Exit Doors from
Terminal B/C Bag Claim (Lower) Level 
Door Closures Part of New Security Checkpoint Construction;
Six Doors to Remain Open
Summary of Impacts
  • On or about Monday, January 7, access through doorways to the curb on the Baggage Claim (lower) Level at Terminal B/C will be limited to the center of the terminal.
  • Taxis, app-based rides and private vehicle pickup can all be accessed from six doorways.

Project Benefits
  • On or about Monday, January 7, construction crews will begin closing exit doors at the ends of the Terminal B/C Baggage Claim (lower) Level.
  • At the height of construction, doors numbered 1 through 3, and 10 through 12, will be closed.
  • To exit the terminal, passengers should follow signs to Doors 4 through 9, which are adjacent to pick-up locations for taxis, app-based rides and private vehicles.
  • Terminal B/C serves American, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue and United.
  • The closures will be in place for several months. 
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