October 28, 2020

Dear Clients, Families and Team Members:

Effective Friday (Friday, October 30th), Serenity is suspending ALL visitation will be suspended temporarily due to widespread community transmission of COVID-19.

Essential Caregivers, please get your visits in by the end of the day tomorrow.

We will re-visit this policy in 2 weeks on Tuesday, November 10th to allow time for positive cases in our county and neighboring county, as well as hospitalizations to stabilize and decrease.

  • Window Visits with family and friends
  • Outside Visits with family and friends
  • Inside Visits with family and friends
  • Drives with family and friends

  • Zoom Visits / Calls
  • Medical Appointments (schedule with Nurses)
  • End of Life Visits (impending death status)
  • Dropping off Supplies w/ Staff

Please reach out to a Serenity Nurse if you have questions.

Most of all, thank you for understanding our utmost goal of keeping our ladies and gentlemen as safe as possible during this pandemic!
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