We are down, but not out

This morning, July 20, 2022, a small fire in an upstairs apartment set off the building's sprinkler system. The water from upstairs continued to rain down on the bookshop long after the sprinklers were shut off, and the water damage to the space and our inventory is extensive.

Today has been overwhelming, but also marked with some notable high points. Let's start with the positives:

  • Our community - right here in Hardwick and among our bookselling and publishing colleagues - has already shown us incredible support and love.
  • We are insured, and are working with our insurance company to sort out the finances of a waterlogged bookstore.
  • We were prepared for emergencies with a binder that held a ton of important information that allowed us to quickly contact vendors and others to make sure that everyone we work with is aware of our situation and that we are following the necessary steps to move forward.
  • We have been through a pandemic and a lock down! Who knew how helpful that experience could be. Because we know how to run a bookstore with the doors closed, we can figure out how to navigate this new situation.
  • We will come back from this. 

Here's the tough news:

  • We are closed, for now. We do not know when we will be able to reopen or in what capacity. We do know that it could be months before our South Main Street space is restored.
  • Online ordering will be unavailable until we can sort out a variety of issues we are currently facing. 

We will continue to update you, as we move forward and make plans for the store. When we reach a point where we can ask for help - as so many have already offered - we will do so.


We. Will. Come. Back. From. This.

Stay tuned!!

With gratitude for your support,

Andrea and Sandy