Ten great reasons
you should donate
before Tuesday,
on Tuesday,
or any day.

  1. Our class size of 15 students per class and one class per grades 5th through 8th mean an ideal teacher-student ratio for hands-on education.
  2. Students come from financially-challenged environments.
  3. Our twelve-year program means we are involved with our students from the day they arrive at our middle school through the admissions to independent high schools and support through both high school and college thanks to a strong graduate support program.
  4. 100% of our graduates complete high school high school and 92% attend college. 
  5. Our rigorous admissions process means we only admit highly dedicated and qualified students and families.
  6. Parents must be actively involved in all aspects of the school program, including a minimum of six volunteer hours each semester or 12 hours per school year.
  7. We offer soccer, basketball, and track and field, and our students can participate in Aikido, tennis, and lacrosse.
  8. We offer or facilitate scholarships for critical summer learning and camp experiences.
  9. It's not all about us, though! Our students regularly participate in service learning projects in the community.
  10. Finally, because our students work very hard and deserve an excellent education - which is why we need your support today!