March 1, 2017
East Bay Presentation: March 5
Fair Oaks EcoHousing Site Tour: March 12
Potluck: March 19
South Bay Presentation: March 26
Ten Great Reasons to Live in Cohousing
By Rob Sandelin, Sharingwood, Snohomish County, Washington

This blog was reshared recently, in honorarium of the post author's passing. Rob was a cohousing pioneer who lived for nearly 30 years at Sharingwood in Washington State.

1) Cohousing is a supportive place for kids to grow up. Cohousing is safe and there are lots of friends—both other kids and adults. Kids can play and I know any adult in the neighborhood will be there for them in case of need. It’s also a fun place to be an adult. There are lots of opportunities to play with the kids and other adults.

2) There is a great restaurant in the middle of my neighborhoodcalled the Common House—where I can go have dinner and great conversation with friends.

3) Cohousing is a great place to learn new things. I always wanted to try making beer. Having a couple of neighbors share that interest got me into home brewing. We learn and try new stuff all the time.

4) Cohousing is a great place to share ownership of things that I couldn’t really afford by myself, such as a workshop, play structures, tools, a library, and so on.

5) Privacy. I get all the great benefits of cooperative living and also get privacy whenever I want just by going home and closing the door or going into the twenty-five acres of woods that surround my house that everybody shares ownership of.

To me, the monetary value of all these things would be in the million-dollar range...
Upcoming Events
East Bay Presentation
Sunday, March 5th: 10am-12pm

Join hosts Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris for an in-depth interview, presentation, and conversation with Fair Oaks EcoHousing developers - soon to be California's 35th cohousing neighborhood!

Meet members of the community who live in the Bay Area. Find out how to help grow the cohousing movement in California.

Pleasant Hill Cohousing Common House
2200 Lisa Lane
Pleasant Hill, CA
Fair Oaks EcoHousing Site Tour
Sunday, March 12th

Fair Oaks EcoHousing will be a neighborhood of 30 homes on 3.7 acres in Fair Oaks, CA, 18 miles east of downtown Sacramento.   

Come see the site and our architectural plans, and meet our members at an upcoming tour. Kids are welcome. 

Meet at 10:30am at the Fair Oaks Coffeehouse in Fair Oaks Village, at 10223 Fair Oaks Blvd, at the intersection with Park Drive. Look for us on the side of the Coffeehouse, in the patio area or in the building at the back.

We can carpool to the site. The tour will last about an hour, with an optional lunch afterwards at the Siam Patio Restaurant or the Smokey Oaks Tavern.

We're seeking the rest of our future neighbors! 

Can't join us that day?
An additional tour will be offered on Saturday, March 25th!
Sunday, March 19th

Join us for a potluck at 6:00pm in Fair Oaks (please RSVP for address).

This will be a chance for a fun evening with the members of Fair Oaks EcoHousing. This is event is family-friendly: kids are welcome.

First-time guests do not need to bring a dish to share. Food and drink will be provided.

Can't come to this one? Join us April 30th!
South Bay Presentation
Sunday, March 26th: 2-3:30pm

Imagine living in a community close to hiking, biking, nature walks, fishing and kayaking, just blocks from the American River and its miles of bike trails. Fair Oaks is in Eastern Sacramento County, with excellent connections to the Bay Area on Amtrak.

Learn more about the benefits of cohousing from future residents.

Vista Del Lago Clubhouse
151 Buckingham Drive
Santa Clara, CA
For more info, contact:
Al Lampell      
Bob Oyafuso  
This year's Conference theme of "building resilient, sustainable communities" sits especially well with our community's vision. 

Watch a preview of Conference keynote Sarah van Gelder below.
Meet Our Newest Members!
Only 8 homes left! If you're thinking of making your next move to cohousing, contact us to learn more about our project, while homes are still available.

Paula and Bill Bertram bring a wealth of experience to our community. They are Fair Oaks EcoHousing's 21st member household.
Paula is a retired Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Educator. Her best job ever was managing free primary care clinics for the working poor in the Sacramento area. She's now "an aspiring but mediocre dressage competitor who spends an inordinate amount of time at the barn.” She's also a Sacramento County Master Gardener with a special interest in seed saving and pollinators. She hikes in the Sierras and likes to travel far and wide (when the horse budget allows!) 

Bill is retired from 35 years in the wine business, having been a winery owner, winemaker and vineyard manager. He enjoys outdoor life and work, backpacking, woodworking, seeking out delicious wines, and improving his sourdough loaves.  

Paula and Bill live on a 24-acre ranch near Placerville. They have a daughter who is a park ranger at Big Basin State Park.

Stay tuned...we'll introduce Member #22 (Linda Bryant) in our next issue.
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