January 2019
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10 Step January Checklist for HR Fitness

BRING IT, 2019!  As we resume our normal work schedules, with the holidays behind us and all the local gyms at full capacity, it's time to apply a little extra New Year's energy and resolve to our HR practices.  From updating HR forms to adding up injury numbers, here is a ten step HR Fitness Plan to shape up your HR Operations for a compliant, organized, successful 2019: (click here for full article)

E-Verify Adverse Action Restrictions

With E-Verify services unavailable due to the government shutdown, be advised that (unless you are a federal contractor subject to FAR) your obligation to start cases and/or new resolution processes within three days, as well as other deadlines surrounding the resolution of Tentative Nonconfirmations (TNCs), is temporarily suspended until E-Verify services are restored.  Most importantly, be aware that employers  MAY NOT take adverse action against an employee whose case is in an interim status during (or because of) the outage.   Upon restoration of service, the DHS will provide additional guidance regarding how the "three day rule" and other deadline calculations will be re-implemented.  Click here for the full DHS advisory.

IRS Releases New W-4 Form for 2019

After announcing earlier in the year that any radical transformation to the W-4 withholding form will be delayed until 2020, the IRS released an  updated version of the W-4 for use in 2019.  The new W-4 form does not deviate significantly from the basic format and logic with which employers are already familiar, and existing employees do not need to replace earlier versions unless they are requesting withholding changes.  Update your New Hire packages with this 2019 W-4 Form today!
Exit Interviews and Why You Should Do Them

A Google search of "exit interviews" will yield no shortage of articles questioning their value ... not to mention some hard core detractors advocating that employees refuse to participate in them, such as this blog from tech industry commentator Alex Holderness.  While it is true that the concept of the exit interview carries some unavoidable flaws, the procedure is far from useless!  When performed consistently and competently, and analyzed effectively, exit interview data has the potential to help your business maintain a competitive edge ... (continue reading the ConsultStu blog) .
IRS Raises Mileage Reimbursement in 2019

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today issued the 2019 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.  Beginning on Jan. 1, 2019, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be  58 cents per mile driven for business use, up 3.5 cents from the rate for 2018.  Read more.
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