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April 6, 2020 - Volume 11, Issue 4
Connect to the Latest Information & Resources for the
Upstate COVID-19 Response
Over the last month, while the pandemic has curtailed our ability to physically gather, it has only increased our realization that collaboration and working together are critical to our individual and collective success. We are blessed in the Upstate to have so many different organizations, businesses and communities that are overcoming the limitations this crisis is placing on all of us to work together to ensure that all Upstate residents are able to withstand this crisis.
At Ten at the Top, we have recognized that the most impactful way we can support organizations, businesses and local communities during this challenging time is to serve as an information collector and connector.
As the crisis started to grow in mid-March, Ten at the Top launched the Upstate COVID-19 Information Repository with links to local government, health organizations, K-12 and higher education, utilities, non-profits and other COVID-19 related resources. Over the past three weeks our web site has seen more than 10,000 unique visitors with more than 17,000 pageviews. In addition, the five e-newsletters we have sent out with COVID-19 information have resulted in more than 6,000 opens and more than 1,200 direct clicks to resources. We also have been regularly sending out social media posts that have been provided to us by local organizations and governments. Our social media platforms have reached more than 85,000 people and resulted in over 17,000 engagements over the last three weeks.

If you have a regional resource or updated information to add to the repository or for us to share through social media, please contact Sharon Purvis, TATT Outreach & Special Projects Director.
Pique Young Professionals Event Rescheduled for June 15th
Due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Ten at the Top (TATT) has made the decision to postpone their signature young professional event, Pique, until June 15th. It was originally scheduled for March 23rd. The event will still be held at the Huguenot Mill and Loft in downtown Greenville, with ScanSource as the presenting sponsor, and local author Sallie Holder as the keynote speaker.

Attendees who have already purchased tickets will be issued a refund if they are unable to attend at the later date; those who have tickets and do still wish to attend do not need to take any further action.

The event focuses on connecting young professionals across the Upstate, giving them opportunities to network as well as to hear from experts on topics that are relevant to their working lives.
Staying On Top:
Upstate Leaders Share Sector Insights During the COVID-19 Crisis
Putting Students First in the Face of Uncertainty: Technical and Community Colleges Face COVID-19 Challenges—Galen Dehay, President, Tri-County Technical College

Tri-County Technical College, along with colleges and universities nationwide, is responding to an unprecedented situation as COVID-19 spreads across the U.S.

The threat of this disease is not only requiring us to shift our classroom-based spring course offerings to an online format in rapid-fire fashion, it is also requiring us to completely rethink how we provide support to the most vulnerable students in our population, particularly first-generation college students and those from economically disadvantaged situations.

Tri-County students, like others across the nation, were halfway through the semester when this national health crisis hit. While disruptive and inconvenient to all college students, for many of our students the impact is far more serious. Students who did not choose online learning are working to adapt to this format. Some don’t have the equipment and WiFi access that many of us take for granted. Worse, many are facing loss of wages, food insecurity, isolation, and fear during this difficult time.

Strategy for a Remote Workforce—Derek Davis, President & CEO, Intelli-Net of SC

Prior to this year, IT service providers have worked with businesses to develop robust “disaster recovery” plans… meaning how will a company react and survive during an extended outage or security event at the corporate office. The paradigm of “disaster recovery” has been flipped on its head since February 2020. We are no longer just talking about what happens when there is an outage at the office. Now, we are talking about the need for converting your office to a remote workforce.

What should businesses do now? And, what should businesses consider going forward?

The ability to communicate effectively is of utmost importance. Phones, email, collaboration, and chat across secure channels allow people to work remotely while still keeping touch with their co-workers and management.

A Broadcaster’s Perspective on COVID-19—Amy Wood, Evening Anchor, WSPA-TV

Three decades into my local news career, the coronavirus likely will be the biggest story of my lifetime.

And it’s one that I am fully committed to delivering on all platforms.

I Anchor for 7 News on TV weeknights at 4, 6 and 7 PM on WSPA TV channel 7.

But, 24/7 I am turning out new webcam interviews… coordinating segments featuring viewer questions with our 7 News medical expert, running the #7Help Facebook group I started and staying in touch with community members… some of them sick with Covid… some of them sick with something else… some of them losing parents… some of them caring for a sick husband.

It’s all consuming because it’s so important.

Celebrating Public (More than Simply) Education
—Catherine Schumacher, President & CEO, Public Education Partners

I’m writing this blog post from my home office, where I am enjoying one of the two benefits of working from home (the other being the dress code): windows.

I never thought I would miss my windowless office at Public Education Partners so much. I took the quiet space, free of distractions, for granted. I took my brilliant and funny colleagues, the quick convenings in the hallway and the rather grim breakroom, for granted. Lots of things…taken for granted.

As our communities come together to respond to COVID-19 and its wide-ranging impact, all of us at Public Education Partners hope that there is one thing that no one will take for granted ever again: the essential role that public schools play in our society. Not just as places of learning, but as anchors of our communities.

Schools are, first and foremost, a safe space where our children learn to be educated, engaged, empathetic members of society. What we have seen in the last few weeks, however, is all of the OTHER things our schools do as well. Kids receive healthy meals that keep their bodies strong and minds sharp. They turn to school-based health centers to receive medical care and mental health supports. Families are connected to a broad network of social service providers that help with everything from homelessness to job training.

Join TATT Board Members & Staff for a Weekly "TATT CHAT"
Beginning on April 9th, we invite you to join TATT Chairman Terence Roberts, Executive Director Dean Hybl, board members, staff and other regional partners each Thursday afternoon from 3:00-3:45 p.m. for a regional zoom "TATT CHAT" to share updates on COVID-19 as well as other things happening across the Upstate.

The April 9th call will include updates on the regional COVID-19 response as well as updates on the Upstate Mobility Alliance, Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem and more. In addition, we will have a county-by-county update on what is happening related to the COVID-19 response across the region.

We also will have time during the call for up to five community organizations to share a brief update on their efforts. If you would like to share an update with meeting participants, please e-mail Justine Allen , Program & Events Coordinator, to confirm.
Entrepreneur Ecosystem Holding Weekly Virtual Workshops
In an effort to ensure that Entrepreneur Support Providers have the tools and information needed to continue to work with their entrepreneurs and small business owners during the COVID-19 crisis, the Upstate Entrepreneur Ecosystem is holding weekly virtual workshops for support providers. The virtual workshops are being held from 1:00-2:00 p.m. each Tuesday.

The first workshop was held on March 31st and featured Earl Grigorich from the Small Business Development Center providing an update on the latest government support for small business owners. You can view the presentation and listen to the audio through this link .

On April 7th, Michael Nail, an attorney with Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C, will discuss how to help small business and entrepreneur clients navigate the changing business landscape and new federal programs as it relates to dealing with their employees amid the impacts of the global pandemic.
Leadership Level Partners
Ten at the Top is fortunate to have many great funding supporters and appreciate all who help ensure the current and future success of the organization. Our highest partnership level is the Leadership Level, with companies or organizations investing $10,000 or more annually to support TATT. If your company or organization is interested in joining TATT's Leadership Level Supporters, please contact Dean Hybl today.
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Check out the TATT YouTube Channel for archives from meetings, presentations and events hosted by Ten at the Top. The channel also includes videos of the Elevate Upstate Grant recipients and other TATT initiatives.

TATT volunteers have developed a number of interactive regional asset maps. Check out links to regional resources below.

There is something interesting, educational or entertaining happening in the Upstate 365 days a year.

Be sure to post your Upstate experiences using the hashtag #UpstateVibe365 and check out the regional calendar for what is happening across the region.

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