Just in case you have never used (or not in a long time) the Tenant Screening Services featured on MrLandlord. I'm sending you this short note to let you know of a few awesome features and the free forms (link provided below) that have been added to our updated website in the last year and new updates about the screening services we offer.

While we have not raised the prices of our basic instant credit reports in 20 years, which we are still offering for only $9.95 (and includes a FICO score), we have added valuable features to our screening reports. A few of the features we share below:

1 . We now provide two eviction searches for the price of one from two of the most comprehensive nationwide databases that provide eviction information. Most eviction databases don't include all information available, that's why we provide you with the results from two for every applicant.

2 . Our instant criminal searches (which are included in our Best Deal combo - credit, eviction and criminal report) have been upgraded to include a unique previous history search . These results will enable you to get more past addresses and references from previous housing providers of your applicants. This can be a big plus in helping you screen applicants who did not give you all previous addresses on their application. 

3 . Many of our customers have been asked by their applicants; "When you run the credit report, does it affect my credit score?" We are glad to announce that all TransUnion tenant credit checks run through MrLandlord will now result in a "soft" inquiry instead of a "hard" (pull) inquiry. The good news about that is soft inquiries don't affect a consumer's credit score, which means applicants can now apply to your property and be screened by you without a hard inquiry having a potential negative impact on their credit report.

More good news! If you have never before or not run a credit report in more that three years with us, we want to offer you a  Welcome Back Bonus gift . You will be given  two Best Deal Combo reports for free  (normally $24.95 each) which, if you compare to other companies, this is a great price to get all three reports. The combo report includes credit, eviction and criminal reports on an applicant. That's right, your first  two Best Deal combo reports will be free for coming back or trying the service. 

One more thing, while you are checking out our new updated website, take a look at  two free sample rental forms   which one successful landlord uses during the Move-In and Move-Out Process. One is a Move-In Checklist . The other is Moving Instructions . Take a look at them BEFORE you have another resident move in or out . We will also be adding more sample forms to this section of our website that will be helpful to the screening and move-in process.

In these unpredictable times we are living, now more than ever, you want to fully screen every applicant. It is not worth the risk of being stuck with the wrong person in your rental home or apartment. Choosing the wrong applicant can cost you thousands of dollars and tons of frustrations. My advice: "Run a report on every applicant!" And it's so easy! You can run the reports right from your home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our easy- to-use screening services. And we have excellent customer service to help you get set up, available 6 days a week to offer assistance if needed.  1-888-294-4640.
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Stay Strong and Safe! Keep looking up and make the most of the assets God gives you!
Jeffrey Taylor

P.S.  Just call us if you have any questions or if you need us to walk you though the sign-up process. Be sure and let us know if you have never or not used the service in over 3 years. We want to give you the   "Welcome Back Bonus"'  so that your  first two Best Deal Combo reports will be free!  Our tenant screening customer service number is  1-888-294-4640 (toll-free)

P.P.S. If you have previously read all about the Screening services, but just have never gotten around to signing up for your free Tenant Screening account, and now ready to do so, click here .
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