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February 2015 Newsletter
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Saturday, February 21

Native Plant Propagation
Dr. Michael Martin

Members Only

Four Seasonal Hikes
John Evans and 
Holli Richey

Details Coming!
Members Only


Monday, March 9th
Chapter Meeting at green/spaces

Green Infrastructure 
and Rain Gardens 
with Karna Levitt 
Wynn Miller

 Public Program
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Symposium Success!

Dr. Doug Tallamy addresses a record audience 
 at the 2015 Native Plant Symposium

"Plant Natives 2015: The Living Landscape" was a smashing success. In the morning session, keynote speaker, Dr. Doug Tallamy, presented a powerful and compelling illustration of how planting natives can profoundly impact the diversity of life on our planet. Yes, we can make a difference!  Dr. Tallamy spent all of his free time chatting with attendees and signing copies  his two books, "Bringing Nature Home" and "The Living Landscape".  All of the books were sold out in the first hour! 


Following the lunch intermission Lisa Lemza, Tom Carroll, and Grace Episcopal Church were presented with our chapter's first Landscape Conservation Award for their work in establishing and promoting native plant habitat in the Brainerd Community. Under the leadership of Lisa and Tom, Grace Episcopal has established a certified National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat and two North American Butterfly Association certified butterfly gardens on the church grounds.  In addition, the church hosts a farmers market and a community garden for local residents.


Board member Valarie Adams presents  
the Landscape Conservation Award  
to Lisa Lemza and Tom Carroll of Grace Episcopal Church


The Symposium's afternoon session was led by "Butterflies of Tennessee" author, Rita Venable. Ms Venable presented excerpts and photos from her book to illustrate the requirements for creating a backyard "home for butterflies".  Kelly Holdbrooks, Director of Programs for the Southern Highlands Reserve, completed the afternoon session.  Ms. Holdbrooks, a landscape designer, presented her philosophy of landscaping with native plants by showing examples of native plantings at the Southern Highlands Reserve. 


The trio of fabulous speakers drew a record attendance over 200 people!  Proceeds from the Symposium will be used to further the Wild Ones' mission through educational programs. 


Native Plant Propagation Workshop
with Dr. Michael Martin
Saturday, February 21, 9am-4pm

Through this workshop participants will learn how to grow both wildflowers and woody plants.  In part one of the program you will learn how to gather, clean, store and plant seeds. In part two participants will learn about division techniques and also how to properly take, prepare and plant woody cuttings. Michael Martin is co-owner of Natural Natives, Inc., a family owned native plant nursery in Seneca, SC.

Cost is $50 for members and includes lunch.  

Non-members are urged to join Wild Ones and attend the workshop for $87 ($37 membership + $50 workshop fee).  

Limit 25 participants. 
For more information and registration, please click on the link below.

Four Seasonal Hikes
with John Evans and Holli Richey
Coming Soon
Ecologist, John Evans

Herbalist, Holli Richey

We are very happy to announce that John Evans and Holli Richey have agreed to lead four seasonal hikes for our Wild Ones chapter. The hikes will explore one local natural area in each of the four seasons to see how our native plants change and vary through the year. 

Details will be coming shortly in a separate email.
More Upcoming Programs

Green Infrastructure 
and Rain Gardens
with Wyn Miller and Karna Levitt
Monday, March 9th,  6:00pm
at green|spaces

Join City of Chattanooga Landscape Architect, Karna Levitt, and City Water Specialist, Wyn Miller, to learn how you can help reduce storm water run off and water pollution in our region.  The pair will present green infrastructure solutions for local landowners including the use of rain gardens and native plants.

This Wild Ones Chapter meeting is free and open to the public.

Giving to Support Our Local Mission
As you plan your yearly charitable giving, please consider supporting the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones. Your membership dues cover only a portion of our annual operating expenses.  The remainder comes from program admission fees and tax-deductible donations.

You may choose to direct your donation for one of three purposes:

Educational Scholarships are used to pay for program admission fees for people who cannot afford to pay.  Examples of programs this donation supports are the annual native plant symposium and special speaker events.  

Tennessee Valley Wild Ones searches across the region and country for excellent speakers on a variety of topics, from pollinator health to landscape design.  You can help us continue to offer high quality programming and help reduce the event admission fees we charge by contributing to the Speakers Fund. 

If you would like us to use your gift to support whatever is our greatest need, you may use this general fund option.

Thanks for your generosity!

Photos from the Garden
from Wild Ones member Mike O'Brien

Purple Finches, Female and Male

Bluebird House

Cattails in Winter

Northern Red Cardinal

Willow Oak in Snow
Pine Siskin in Snow

Wild Ones: Native Plants. Natural Landscapes is a national non-profit organization with over 50 chapters in 13 states that promotes environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the preservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities. Please read more information about Wild Ones at www.wildones.org.


We offer guest speakers, field trips and other special events throughout the year, as well as an annual native plant and natural landscaping symposium in early spring.