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Members' Newsletter
Late May 2013
Upcoming Events Summary

June 1 & 2
Milkweed & 
Native Plant Sale
Chattanooga Area Food Bank

June 15
Butterfly Garden Build Day & Members' Picnic
Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center at Reflection Riding

June 23
Monarch Watch Exhibit
Chattanooga Market

July 8
Mary Priestley
"Nature Journaling"
Location TBA

August 25
Wanda DeWaard
"Mystery and Magic of Monarchs"
Chattanooga State Humanities Auditorium

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The Milkweed Plants are Here!!!

Amy Wetmore
Watercolor of Monarch caterpillar
 by Amy Wetmore, member of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones.

If you attended the Symposium in March, you received a certificate for a free milkweed plant.  

Redeem your certificate this weekend (June 1-2) at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank!  

We will have five different species of milkweed available for sale.  For more information, visit our website.

Milkweed is the ONLY host plant for the Monarch butterfly, and Wild Ones is promoting the establishment of Monarch "Way Stations" across the county.

If we don't sell out this weekend, milkweed plants will also be available on June 15 at our Members' Picnic at the Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center or on June 23 at the Chattanooga Market.

See event details below.


Upcoming Events
Milkweed Plants at the June 1 & 2 Plant Sale
at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank
Chrysalid by Sara Bright
Monarch Chrysalid.
Photo by Sara Bright, member of
the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones
and author of "Butterflies of Alabama"

Saturday, June 1
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, June 2
1:00 - 5:00 pm

Chattanooga Area Food Bank
2009 Curtain Pole Rd.,
just off Amnicola Hwy.

This Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, the Chattanooga Area Food Bank is presenting its 26th Annual Spring Garden Tour.  The Food Bank generously offered the Tennessee Valley Chapter of the Wild Ones the opportunity to sell milkweed plants and also present our informational exhibit on the Wild For Monarchs program in the Evelyn Davenport Navarre Teaching Pavilion.  We will be giving people hands-on information about how to build a Monarch Way-Station during the plant sale.   You don't have to pay the Garden Tour admission to come to the sale, although it would be nice to support the Food Bank! 
Please see our website for the types of milkweed available.

The Friends of the Cumberland Trail will also be on hand to sell a limited number of woodland native plants, including rattlesnake orchid, Christmas and New York ferns, Serviceberry, some Sweetshrub, Mountain mint (most likely Loomis), Partridgeberry, Fragrant goldenrod, Pussytoes and assorted other primarily shade-loving plants.  Proceeds for this sale go to support the FCT's Trailhead Nursery, a restoration nursery, and the Cumberland Seeds Project.

Native Plant Butterfly Garden "Build Day" 
and Members' Picnic
at the Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center
Butterfly garden horizontal
Saturday, June 15 - 9:00 am
Members only - Free
The Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones is assisting the Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center in designing, building and planting a Native Plant Butterfly Garden. This "demonstration garden" will be an important teaching tool to help visitors learn about butterflies and how to use native plants to attract them to the home landscape.

On Saturday, June 15th, we will be installing the pathways and borders in the butterfly garden and also building arbors and trellises. Bring your work gloves and any other tools like shovels, rakes, etc. that might be helpful.  There will be tasks for all skill levels.

Afterwards, we hope to have an outdoor Members' Picnic, unlike the indoor picnic we had earlier this month.  Bring your own lunch...and don't forget to bring water to stay hydrated!

And..if we haven't sold out of milkweed plants, we'll have them available for sale at this event.
"Wild for Monarchs" Exhibit
Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones 
at the Chattanooga Market
Sunday, June 23
Noon - 5pm

In partnership with the Hamilton County Master Gardeners, our chapter will have a "Wild for Monarchs" exhibit at the Chattanooga Market. 

Stop by and say "hello," pick up information about creating monarch way stations.  If we haven't sold out of milkweed plants, we'll have them available for sale.
"Nature Journaling" with Mary Priestley
A very special opportunity to meet and learn from 
an amazing environmental activist
Mary Priestley
Monday, July 8
6:00 pm

Open to the public.

Location TBA
Mary Priestley is one of the area's leading environmental activist-volunteers and curator of the Sewanee Herbarium.  In addition to her work with the Herbarium, Mary has also served as president of the Tennessee Native Plant Society (TNPS) and of the Friends of South Cumberland State Recreation Area; she has been a hike leader for the TNPS and for the Smoky Mountains Wildflower Pilgrimage. 
Mary is also the author of William's Wildflowers, a children's book showcasing the wildflowers of the South Cumberland Plateau.
This event is NOT just for artists...Mary will provide great tips on how to recognize and appreciate what's happening in the great outdoors.

The Mystery & Magic of Monarchs
Sara Bright
Monarch on Aster. Photo by Sara Bright, member of Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones and co-author of "Butterflies of Alabama"

August 25th
2:00 pm

Chattanooga State Humanities Auditorium

Open to the public.

Member discounts will be available.
Discover the fascinating behavior of the Monarch from butterfly expert and Earth Kinship educator Wanda DeWaard.  Wanda is a fascinating speaker, and she will share great information about how to attract butterflies to the garden.

More information will be coming soon.

Recent Events
May "Picnic" and Nature Walk
Members Picnic 5-2013
On May 4, about ten dedicated Tennessee Valley Wild Ones members braved the pouring rain to come to the Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center at Reflection Riding.  Our guide Michael Green and greenhouse manager Paola Zannini led us on a nature walk that allowed us to see plants in a "different light."  It turned out to be a fun day of camaraderie, even if our picnic was around a table indoors at the Humphreys House.
Reflection Riding 5-2013

RR 5-13

Photos from the Field
All photos in this section were taken recently by Tennessee Valley Wild Ones member Mike O'Brien.  This month, Mike had lots of amazing was difficult to select just a few for this newsletter. Thanks, Mike, for sharing your photos!

Mapleleaf Viburnum
Mapleleaf Viburnum

False Solomon's Seal
False Solomon's Seal

Smooth Solomon's Seal
Smooth Solomon's Seal

Tulip Poplar flower
Tulip Poplar flower

Eastern Swallowtail
Newly-emerged Eastern Swallowtail on non-native azalea

Male anole
Male Anole with expanded dewlap

Daisy fleabane
Daisy fleabane

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