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Before we get into all our new ATGA programs, here is what we did this summer....Idaho Falls,  Boise, SLC, San Diego,
& Cincinnati.  Check out our ATGA Summer video 2017

Back to my home of the Bronco's
Boise, Idaho with Coach Greg Patton & Idaho tennis legend Kevin Dibelius 

Boise with Kay & Chuck Anderson plus her daughter Kristi and all the Gee family
What a great time in Cincinnati with Ed, Nancy and Bernetta
Boise with the Gee family

Hope you enjoyed our summer pictures & videos please send us some of yours.

Tanner Rankin gets his certification!  ATGA PROUD MOMENT:
My great partner Tanner received his PTR certification.  We already are beginning to know Tanner's teaching ability....well now he has doubled his knowledge, plus worked hard all summer, so he is ready for you.  Take a Private or Challenge him to some drills or a game of doubles, he can play too!  Way to go Tanner....Special Price for privates through 2016, call me for details.

Preseason Tune-Up Camp at our home,
View Point Tennis Resort!

These Special Tennis Camps featuring Chris Langdon & his  ATGA team will give you:
 Technical, Tactical, Physical  & Psychological 
Tennis Development
October 24-26  -  10 hours of instruction  -   A Great pro on every court @ Montesa
    October  27-29   -  10 hours of instruction   -    Doubles drills & strategies @ View Point 
View Point Members get a discount because we have an exclusive contract with the club we call our home, View Point, for 16 years now. Doubles instruction plus an interactive itinerary for each day's schedule which includes videos and drill demonstrations.   

Tired of losing matches you know you should win?

Tired of losing matches you know you should win?  There's an easy fix. Work with the most experienced Team in the Valley and now introducing our new

Membership Program:
(click play button below to see video)
Designed to help you get the most out of your game!  ATGA Membership
Designed to help you get the most out of your game! ATGA Membership
"Designed to get the most out of your Tennis Fun - More private time with Chris!  Lots of fun new activities, Tennis Carnivals, Seminars, Workshops, plus our new Tennis University!



Our new facility is Red Mountain High School.....amazing Tennis Facility!
We look forward to seeing you at some of our events and Tennis matches at Red Mountain High School

Call, Text or Email Chris to sign up: (480) 505-6233 or

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Backhand training with the eye coach & 8 board!


Completely new program this teaching style has everything to do with what I was showing you before but now I have learned even more
Private lessons are the fastest way to improve, One on One privates, semi-privates, 3 and me, 4 and me or Team lessons so just reply to this email to get signed up with Chris, Javier or David! 
Here are all our other programs:
October Camps are highlighted on the other page but here are the dates:
Jimmy James and I are very excited to have You All  join us for another great winter of Tennis in the Valley of the Sun.  We have lots of new programs to offer!

Tennis University   (Classes to help you & your club succeed)  
We have our new Tennis Universityclasses to certify you to be a tennis instructor.  ATGA will now offer a Membership Program too!  Along with all this we are also the Head Tennis Coaches at Red Mountain High School.  

Lots to share with you so if you have any questions please call or email me, as I will get right back to you.

I have had Teams contact me already to get them all signed up so call me for our preseason camps before the event is full.
Can't make it to our camps?    

STARTING NOVEMBER 1st, we have clinics at Montesa and Red Mountain HS

Our Current Clinics Schedule is Saturday & Saturday mornings at View Point 7am for 3 more weeks.  October 15th all new Clinics and locations will be announced!

 For more information:

Equipment and 
Racquet String

  StringerNow let's get you ready for a great season with our Equipment Repair plus our Racquet Sales.

Here is a picture of our digital Gama Racquet 

We suggest you try our new Co-Poly string from Germany! Here is a video on why Co-Poly string is used by all the top players in the world and why you should give it a try too!

Co-Poly String and why this technology is revelutionizing the game!
Co-Poly String and why this technology is revelutionizing the game!

Our Price: $35 for Co-Poly Hybrid String Job for Members,
$40 for non-Members.

Our Service is to pick up and deliver to you within 24 hours.  In most cases, same  day delivery!
Call Chris for pick up service at:

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!


Chris Langdon
ps.  Don't forget we are affiliated with Cali-Clay.  Best Clay court surface in the world plus have the maintenance!
Soft Surface on the knees and body!

Tennis University
"Certification to Teach Tennis"
We are very excited to teach you all the basics to the World Class Tennis Game.
This 10-hour course gives you a study guide and is 5 hours on the court plus 3 hours in the classroom with video and easy-to-follow syllabus.  You get a certification after the Test.  
Fun & Educationl

Come back to your team and club knowing you will be more educated than ever to coach:
Technical - Tactical -Physical - Psycholigical Tennis Development

First Session - 
October 19-21

Second Session -
October 2-4
Fee is $150 for ATGA Members
$200 for walk ins or general public

Team & Club discounts
We can come to your club and help you all with your Tennis's  nice to have all the instructors and captains on the same page.  Give Chris a call or just reply to this email for a price quote for your club.
Call Chris, text, FB, Twitter or email Chris to sign up:
480 505-6233


Here is one or our Tennis University tests for you to check out.  This is our Level 3 Basic Test:
Tanner's corner....Thx So Much Coach!
Howdy Everybody,
I just wanted to Thank everyone for their great support and know I will miss you all!

My two Prodigy's Emma & Jesse as they both received Tennis Scholarships to ACU.  In good good hands of my friend Coach Chris Tolson.  Check out how good ACU Tennis is:

Great families Schweinsberg's and Stock Pineau-Valencienne....fantastic experience!

Idaho State University coach Gretchen Meikle at lunch with Thomas & Emma in IF

Idaho legend, & good friend Holger Nickel is the Director at Apple in Idaho Falls.


Chris Langdon

:: 480-505-6233


Directions to all our facilities:

 vp tennis courts

View Point Resort

8700 E. University

Mesa, Arizona  85207

Click here for directions and map to VP



Montesa Resort

7373 E. Highway 60

Gold Canyon, AZ  85118

Click here for directions and Map to Montesa





VDO Valley Del Oro

1452 S. Ellsworth

Mesa, AZ  85209



Greenfield Resort

111 S. Greenfield

Mesa, AZ  85205





The Resort

1101 S. Ellsworth Rd.

Mesa, Arizona  85208


Our new facilities:

Red Mountain HS & Monte Vista



Bellagio's Pizzeria in the SW corner of McKellips and Greenfield.
Bellagio's Pizzeria in the SW corner of McKellips and Greenfield.  Simply the best in Arizona!