Feb. 26, 2015 
Welcome to Week 6 of the Legislative Hubbub!

The Deadline Issue!

Week 6 is deadline week at the West Virginia State Legislature. Read on to learn about how these deadlines work, what it means for bills you care about and - of course - some of the hubbub we have been following this past week.

Photo by Perry Bennett/WV Legislative Photography.
The Clock is Ticking on New Bills for 2015

We've only got 17 days left in the 2015 legislative session. That means that time is running short and a number of deadlines are coming up this week. These deadlines structure the legislative session calendar to ensure that as much activity as possible occurs in the 60 day session.


Read on to learn about these deadlines and about how things are progressing this year compared to years before.

Major Conversations: Tensions Rise as End of Session Looms
Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael during Senate recess on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Martin Valent/WV Legislative Photography.
Raised voices on the Senate floor were just part of the hubbub this week. The last few days also saw the first vetoes by the Governor and some more attention on Republican leadership priority bills.

The Hub is here to help you slice through the noise and understand what hubbub matters - and what doesn't.

"Property Rescue" Bill Takes Aim at Abandoned Buildings

A bi-partisan group of delegates has taken up the issue of abandoned properties in a bill introduced earlier this week.


HB 2810 would create the "West Virginia Property Rescue Initiative" to address and reduce the number of dilapidated properties in the state that pose an on-going health and safety threat to communities. 


But how would this bill fund deconstruction of blighted structures? And does it really have a chance to pass?

Nonprofits, Business Development the Focus of New Bills

With deadlines on the immediate horizon, a number of bills that relate to community development are running out of time to move forward.


This week, we're going to take a closer look at a few bills of particular note and let y ou know how you can help to advance those bills if they are of interest to you.


Broadband Bill a Stimulus for West Virginia


New Laws Would Cut Red Tape for Nonprofits


Bill Proposes Electronic Portal for Business Administration



Turn This Town Around: The Power of Local
Comes to the Capitol
On Monday, the Hub,
WV Focus magazine and WV Public Broadcasting brought the citizens of Matewan, Grafton, Ripley and Whitesville to Charleston to talk with their representatives about what's important - and what needs improving - in their communities.

But what does Turn This Town Around really mean to the people of these places?


Check out this great segment from our partners at WV Public Broadcasting...


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