April 1, 2021
SEA and SPS have reached a Tentative Agreement on the Secondary Instructional Model
Our team has spent the last three weeks negotiating with District leadership and advocating with State leaders. Thank you to our dedicated Bargaining Team!
Next Steps:

The SEA Board of Directors will meet to decide on a voting timeline and discuss their recommendations for ratification of this tentative agreement shortly. The voting process for this TA is determined by the SEA Representative Assembly. Next steps will be shared with the Membership as soon as possible. SEA will host informational meetings to address member questions and concerns about the TA next week. We are working to ensure Educators across the district are getting access to accurate information and the things needed to get buildings ready. Please watch for an email update tomorrow with more details about next steps for this Secondary Instructional Model TA Addendum to the MOU.
Work Space Readiness

Before students arrive, all educators are encouraged to use this tool to assess whether their work space meets or exceeds the agreed upon health and safety protocols and standards. Some questions on the tool are specific to an individual educator’s work spaces, many of the other questions are about the preparedness of the entire building.
If anything is unclear or missing (as noted on the tool), educators must ALSO send a message directly to the Building Safety Committee (which includes the COVID Site Supervisor). This tool gives educators the knowledge of their rights as well as the wording to lift up any concerns.
The administrator or COVID Site Supervisor should respond within 48 hours with:
  1. what the solution or remedy may be,
  2. when it will be addressed, and
  3. who will address the problem.
If educators do not receive a timely response or the administrator’s response is missing any of the three aforementioned details, they should notify their AR via email to document the issue. It is also critical that the AR loop in the SEA UniServ Director.
How to Stay Connected:
The 2019-2022 Contracts are posted on the SEA Website!