ConnectsUs HR UnPlugged | May 2019

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Here's our latest edition of HR Unplugged that provides ConnectsUs HR™ product updates, upcoming features, legislated changes, user tips, and HR articles.


  • It’s been a busy year for legislation changes, and some bills have even been implemented and then revoked within a 12-month period due to a change in political party.

  • Click here for legislative updates and find out what templates were updated as a result.

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HR Updates

Here’s what you can expect in June 2019: 
  • 30+ completed Job description templates common to all small businesses. Written and formatted in ConnectsUs HR style! Easily plug and play to create job postings.  

  • Guidelines for communicating protocols and sensitivity for transgender employees. Includes email scripts for HR

  • Telecommuting policy and contract agreement  

  • Data Breach policy.

Marie Kondo your HR Folders 

Still using paper HR files and filing cabinets? Or are your HR directories getting a little out of hand?  

If yes, did you know that your HR Toolkit for Small Business or Consultants subscription includes an instant download of pre-assembled HR folders? Well, it does! 

Read our latest article to find out why you need it and how to download it. It’s free for customers!
Need an Employee Manual?
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Did you know that ConnectsUs HR includes our most popular ready-to-assemble Employee Handbook Kit ?
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Enjoy some of our latest posts:  

10:00 AM Tequila Shooters for Safety-Sensitive Workers  
Is there a difference between throwing back a shooter and smoking a marijuana cigarette during your coffee break at work?  

How to Get Existing Employees to Sign off on a new Employee Handbook? 
So you’ve just finished that shiny new employee handbook. Congrats! Now what? How do you get existing employees to sign off?  

Still Using Paper HR Files?
Marie Kondo your HR Electronic File Folders or Directories. Fast! 
Admit it. (No one's listening). You're still using paper HR documents & filing cabinets. 

Download the zip file that contains a pre-assembled directory of electronic HR folders and sub-folders to instantly Marie Kondo your documents. Guaranteed to spark joy. 

Does the Language in your Employee Handbook Support Gender Diversity?  
The language you're using in your employee handbook may inadvertently be preventing a transgender employee from coming forward to communicate their needs – and discomfort. Find out why...  

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