Volume 20 Issue 2 - February 2017
Hola a Todos!!

 Greetings from Puerto Rico. Yes, I am writing this from a faraway island (not really that far). Lynn and I are staying the Wyndham which is connected to one of the Margaritaville resorts. As in all the Jimmy resorts, the grounds are beautiful, the drinks are plentiful and lots of pools and gorgeous beach. The weather has been stupendous and we’ve been doing a lot.

 Our first full day here we decided to take a little ride up into the rain forest after breakfast just to do some sightseeing. Then your Captain came up with the great idea to walk down to the falls in the park that EVERYBODY said you needed to see. It was easy walking down to the falls, which were beautiful, but not thinking ahead (and yes, as we were told by several hikers, flip flops are inappropriate footwear for hiking), we had to hike up what we just hiked down, UGH! Lynn referred it to the ‘death march’, but we made it! Two days later we did it right and did it by four wheelers.  

 We also snorkeled the reefs off Culebra Island, just east of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, not the best snorkeling we’ve see, but still lots of fish and coral. We did get an added surprise when we were heading back to Puerto Rico. We saw a humpback whale breach the water, which was the highlight of the day. It was unexpected, so we could not get a picture, but I don’t think it would have done it justice. To see something that massive come up out of the water like that is breathtaking.

 Looking forward to a great 20th Anniversary year for PHIAP. Our first event is going to be a Corn Hole Tournament at Range End Golf Course in Dillsburg. This just happens to coincide with Dennis playing that evening. Coincidence... I think not.Look for more information shortly.

 We also have several other event plans in the works including the 3rd Annual Jakie Invitational at Rich Valley Golf Course on  August 20th.

 Any ideas that you have to celebrate our anniversary, please let me know.  As always, with any events, WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! This is a good way to get involved in the club by being on a committee for one of these events, or just volunteering at the event. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and I would love to see some new faces out this year. The only way to improve the club is to help the club.

 Last, but not least, One Particular Plocking is coming in May. The past two years we have had a great representation there and with Tropical Soul and Girlz Rule back on the list, it we be great if we could have even more of our PHIAP Phlock there this year. And yes, we will try to put together the Bob Weiner Hotel Room Buffet again! Details are in this edition of the Tequila Times.

 Well, back to the sun, beach and ocean!

Pools Open!
Captain Yogi

Welcome Deb Fink to the board!!!!
 My name is Deb Fink and I will be your Scribe.  My husband is Pat and I live in Harrisburg (Lawnton), PA. 

 Pat and I have two daughters Leslie (30) and Alyson (26) who are both married.  Leslie lives here in Harrisburg with her husband (Akeem) and Alyson lives in Jackson, New Jersey with her husband (Eric).

 We have been members of the PHIAP since 2012.  I am retired from the Pa. Department of Revenue since 2004 and Pat currently works at Auto Body by Lucas in Mechanicsburg. 

 I have spent a lot of my retirement years caring for my elderly mother and volunteering for Grace Methodist Church which feeds and clothes the homeless of downtown Harrisburg including a Christmas party with gift bags for every person attending each year. 

My husband and I both enjoy volunteering, camping, vacationing, and spending time with family and friends.  We love to travel with our kids and their spouses as well as host Happy Hour at our Tiki Bar for our friends and family. 

 Pat and I bought a house in Port St Lucie, Florida in 2015 where we hope to start spending more of our winter months when Pat quits working.
Our current 2017 membership is at 68.  

Help welcome back Rose Livingstone from New Orleans!

Remember, if you haven't renewed your membership, it is time!  You can now renew right on our newly designed website using the Membership Menu and  your credit card.  click here:   PHIAP Membership

The Parrotheads in Amish Paradise have a lot of great events planned for our 20th Anniversary Year, encourage your friends and family to join and we will all  "Party With A Purpose"

Have you checked out the newly designed PHIAP website yet?  

Cruisin Back in Tequila Times
A Pirates Trip,   
Written by Bill Styer, Nov 2002.
  I couple of yours ago Jimmy Buffett went on an adventure with his family and then wrote a book about it. Titled "A Pirate Looks at Fifty", Jimmy's book tells of the trip his wife Jane and he planned for his fiftieth birthday present.  The trip was a whirlwind tour that touched into Costa Rica, on to South America and various stops through the Caribbean, part of which Jimmy piloted himself.
  He writes of the beauty of these places as well as the hassles of every day life in these strange lands, things like trying to rent a boat to go fishing, or recieve permission to land his boat in the water off the coast of Columbia South America, or just trying to see the local sights.
  Mixed with detailed itinerary of his trip, Buffett also offers interesting stories of his past. Such as the first time he sat in the pilots seat of a Grumman Albatross, abandoned on a runway on the island of Grand Turk. Or learning all about bill fishing in Costa Rica, plus many more.  
  One reason most parrotheads listen to Jimmy Buffett's music is to sometimes get away from everyday life. Going on trips and vacations can usually help you accomplish this.
  However when this is not possible, this book, like some of Jimmy's music is pure escapism at it's best.        
Trolling for Things To Do!
Cabin Fever February 25th 
Hosted by our Phriends from the Berks County Parrotheads

Music By:
Jimmy and The Parrots

February 25th

Hosted by Hanover Parrothead Society

Music by:
Wayne "Piratemon" Beck
Woody's Just Juan More II
"How Can I explain It?"

May 5th, 6th & 7th

Awesome Music Line Up

Includes ours truly: 
Great January social at Gullifty's....
Special thank you to Mark James for an awesome evening.  Bring Your School Boy Heart on February 14th and enjoy the night with us.  Dennis will be back!

Crasher and Kent enjoying the clubs first night at Gullifty's, Come join us next Tuesday Feb 14th.
Welcome our newest members! 
Looks Like they are searching for Salt!
Road Clean Up Crew
GULLIFTY'S has a pending sale and ownership change over.  This actually happened this morning.  Therefore they have closed the doors for a few months.  We believe The Amish Parrotheads will return once it is spruced up and has a new name. Luckily we were able to get a new venue for our Monthly Social tomorrow night.  The New Venue is The Cru Pizza & Deli Restaurant.  For more information on our new venue keep scrolling below to our February Social section.
Do You have great pictures to share?

Send you pictures for the Tequila Times to: 

Next Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 8th 2017

What is a
Have you ever been asked what a Parrothead is?  Here is a video that will help explain what we are all about.  Share the link with a friend and maybe we can expand the PHLOCK!

Sunday Brunch at Hershey


MARCH 12th 2017

JUNE 11th 2017
(We are looking for volunteers for the 11th)
@ Range End Golf Course

Save The Date

June 10th 2017
Make it a full day with Parrotheads

Dennis McCaughey
is playing in the evening

Committee Now Forming

3rd Annual Jakie Invitational
@ Rich Valley Golf Course


Save The Date

August 20th 2017

Committee Now Forming
Road Clean Up Dates

Chip in and Help out

April 22nd 2017
July 22nd 2017
October 14th 2017

Contact Jane Hess to Volunteer

Well Wishes for John Sincavage

John recently underwent a Kidney and Liver transplant at Hershey Med Center.
Andy Chopak has been checking in with him during his recover and reports he's doing well and is in a Rehab Center.  If you would like to drop him a note of well wishes, they can be sent to his home and Becky will get them to him. 

Stephanie Ranker

PHIAP has lost one of our former very active members Stephanie Ranker, who passed away peacefully on Sunday January 15, 2017 in Kokomo, Indiana, after a two year battle with brain cancer.

Her wishes are to have her ashes placed in a Reef Ball. Her family has created a GoFundMe page to help with the cost and allow friends to make her wish come true. 

PHIAP will be making a donation and if anyone would like to add to our donation we’ll be accepting your donations at our February Social. For more information or to make an individual donation on her       GoFundMe page click below: 

 Steph Ranker GoFundMe page

February 3 - Captain Yogi Krieger
February 26 - Tracy McFatridge
February 28 -  Metro Brieski 

We have no Anniversaries to report this month.

February Meeting January 14th "Valentines Day"  The Cru Pizza & Deli
We have yet another place to fall in love with on Valentines Day. "THE CRU PIZZA & DELI"

Check out their menu:  Click Here

Address to our new Social Location for February:

1104 Carlisle Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011

The owner of Gullifty's also owns this location and has offered it to us until Gullifty's goes through renovations and new ownership takes over.  

The Cru Pizza & Deli Restaurant Highlights:

Great Menu
Close to Guliffty's
BYOB  -  Bring Your Own Booze
(however if you like Landshark, the owner is providing them tomorrow night)
Dennis will be playing
It's Valentines Day and who wouldn't want to spend it with Parrotheads!

Check out the link to read about the new location:  Click Here

Check out the link to see a video on the new location:  Click Here

  CAPTAIN: Don “Yogi” Krieger


FIRST MATE: Scott "Crasher" Braasch


PURSER: Diane Clapper


SCRIBE:  Deb Fink



  Phyllis Harmon & Jane Hess


CRUISE DIRECTOR:  Lynn Stewart-Krieger