Volume 21 Issue 5- May 2018

Hello Everybody!!

Could summer be on the way!! We can finally go out the door in the morning without being bundled up like Nanuck of the North. It also means the start of the outdoor events, not only for the club, but all over Central Pennsylvania, so make sure you go out and support our events and all of our local musicians, especially the one and only Tropical Soul!!

If everyone can indulge me for a minute, I want to talk about the state of the club. We are still strong in numbers comparatively to other clubs in similar markets, but we are facing the same problems as most, volunteers. I’ve heard from member, both directly and indirectly that the club should do numerous things, change things, different events. The issue with this is not having enough different people willing to help, not just enjoy the events. I absolutely appreciate the people that volunteer on a regular basis, but it is always the same people and they are getting tired. It only takes a few hours a month at the most to help out with all of the different events that we try to do. Let’s face it, if we soon don’t get some different people helping out both with events and being on the board, there will be less and less club events. I have heard some people say that maybe the club has run its course, I don’t believe that, we have a lot of great members which has evolved into a lot of great friendships over the years I have been involved. If you don’t think it’s run its course, VOLUNTEER!!! I understand we all have busy lives, myself included, but if we want the club to thrive we ALL have to help out. Okay stepping off my soap box now.

What a great trip to NYC to see Escape to Margaritaville. I can honestly say I wasn’t anticipating much, but was presently surprised with the show. It’s amazing how they show a lot of the songs tie together that he has played or written over the years. The set was very well done and really did give that ‘Margaritaville feel’. I know there was a lot of bar crawls going on, but I must say, several of us went to Carmines and basically put ourselves into a food coma for the bus ride home!

As I said earlier, lots of events coming up over the next couple months including the 2nd Corn Hole Tournament at Range End with Tropical Soul to cap the day at Noonan’s that evening on June 30 th . We will be again selling raffle tickets for a set of corn hole boards, which you can see any board member for tickets. And also, you can’t possibly forget the 4 th Annual Jackie Invitational at the Rich Valley Mini Golf Course on August 19 th . You can find more information on both events and register online at the club’s website. And yes, we are looking for volunteers for both events!

Captain Yogi

May 2018
Our current 2018 membership is now 72 members! 

The Parrot Heads in Amish Paradise have a lot of great events planned for our 20th Anniversary Year, encourage your friends and family to join and we will all  "Party With A Purpose"

Have you checked out the newly designed PHIAP website yet? 


Monthly socials are the
2nd Thursday of every month!

June 30th - 2nd Annual Corn Hole Tournament Parrothead Day at Range End
August 19th - 4th Annual Jakie Invitational Mini Golf Tournament at Rich Valley


May 2018

Our current membership is 72!

2018 Membership Renewal
Grab your friends, family, neighbors and join in the phun of Partying with a Purpose!

Renewals and New Registrations 2018!

Give the gift that keeps on giving!
A PHIAP Membership
for a friend or family!
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Cruising Back in Tequila Times:
Remembering what we can of our past!


Did you know there is a
Margaritaville University?

When I first saw this I couldn't help but think of my son Tyler Braasch who is headed to the University of Louisville. Many of us have children, grand children, nieces, nephews and friends with kids in college... What a great way to continue the Flip Flop lifestyle than to pass Margaritaville University down to them. I find it enjoyable when I'm in the car playing, "A Pirate Looks at 40," or "Tin Cup Chalice," and both of my kids can sing the words with me. I wanted to share this from the Margaritaville Website.

This article was written by Grace McNamara a Margaritaville University Ambassador. Enjoy and Share with your future Parrotheads.

When it comes to  Margaritaville University  college ambassadors, it is common for the island state-of-mind to be  passed down by their parents . They grew up going to Jimmy Buffett concerts, wearing  flip flops , and living life the Margaritaville way. For these parents of MargU ambassadors, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, there’s a new generation of Parrotheads entering the scene now…and not all the enthusiasm is being passed down the family tree. This is the case for me. Before I became a Margaritaville University ambassador, my parents were familiar with a few songs of the tropics, but didn’t live with me on island time. At this point in our lives, college students look to their parents for advice, support, and even inspiration. But what about the effect we have on our parents? It feels great to be able to share something I love (Margaritaville!!) with them, and I like to think I have a little bit of an influence on them. Trust me, nothing makes me happier than when I get in the car to find my family listening to  Radio Margaritaville ! Since becoming an ambassador, it’s been a blast introducing my parents to some of my favorite Buffett songs and explaining the fun challenges associated with the program. One of my favorite memories from the last MargU semester was riding in the car with my mom, working on the ‘carpool karaoke’ challenge. We had so much blaring “Fruitcake” and laughing about how crazy we seemed to those we drove by. To me, that’s what Margaritaville is all about…creating amazing memories with family and friends. Besides singing in the car, how else do I share Margaritaville with my parents and other loved ones? Starting small is an easy way to educate others around you on the Margaritaville state of mind. A koozie here, a sticker there, and soon enough they’ll want to apply for the program themselves! Plus, I deck them out in gear, of course! In my opinion, one can never have too many t-shirts with parrots on them. I love how excited my roommates get when I give them swag or hand out discount codes to students on campus. Another way I recruit people to the fun and escapism of Margaritaville is by telling them what I do as an ambassador. The usual response when I explain Margaritaville University – “I wish that would’ve been around when I was in college!”
This program and all of the things we, as ambassadors, do is so different from any other ambassador program. MargU is constantly growing and changing, so no one semester is the same.
I’m proud knowing the Margaritaville University community is having an impact on people young and old, both in and out of college. I firmly believe the best part of the Margaritaville lifestyle is how easy it is to share with others. Margaritaville doesn’t discriminate! People of all ages from all over the world believe in the 5 o’Clock somewhere mindset. So, no matter if your family is filled with generations of Parrotheads, you are a new fan, or if you are the one bringing your inner circle to the island state of mind, breathe in, breathe out and find your Margaritaville. Grace McNamara is a Margaritaville ambassador at the University of Northern Iowa.


"There's Booze in the Blender
& Soon it will Render,
That Frozen Concoction
that helps me hang on!"
U of L Yes
Mint Julep

Simple Concoction this month.... Since I am traveling to Louisville with my family, and helping my son transition to the University Of Louisville.... AND the Kentucky Derby was last weekend... I thought a Mint Julep would make the most sense. So here ya go. Perfect drink to Win, Place or SHOW!


  • Crushed Ice
  • Sugar
  • Fresh Mint
  • Makers Mark (or your choice bourbon)
  • Distilled Water

In a pan heat water, sugar and mint leaves to make Sugar syrup. don't burn it... Stir occasionally.

Pour into Julep glass, or something similar, Sugar Syrup, Makers Mark, and add crushed ice stir well, then rub mint leaves on the rim and finish with more crushed ice for a snow cone affect, add Mint Leaves for garnish.
Capturing Moments

Please send pictures to tequilatimes@amishparrotheads.com

Throw Back Pictures...
more to be seen at the
20th Anniversary Party
on March 10

Share a Book with a PHriend

Have you read a good book lately that you'd like to share
with a phriend in our Club?

We’d like to start a book sharing program.
Write up a short teaser for a book you've read
and think your fellow PHAIP Phriends would enjoy it too.

If a PHriend would like to read it,
we'll get the book to them!
When they’re done we'll share it with the next Phriend!

Janauary's book recommendation

check the January Tequila Times
for the review of this book

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Trolling for
things to do:

Buffet Coming to PA and VA!
Jimmy Buffett is coming to KeyBank Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA on July 7, 2018.
Jimmy Buffett is coming to Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA on August 4, 2018.

Club Ticket Price is $146.00 contact Yogi for more info

Sunday Brunch at Hershey

We will need groups for Brunches in 2018. 
 Sign up by yourself and make a few new phriends!
It easy, fun and very full-filing.

More details:

THANK YOU Linda Braasch for taking over as RMH Chair

We love it when new members get involved!

Mark your calendars:  July 29th, Oct 7th, Dec 9th


Help Animals in Need

Like Our Facebook page and we will donate to animals in need.

Donations for the Homeless - Food (ie.. PB J, cracker packs, canned soup...) HOODED SWEATSHIRTS, SOCKS, CHAPSTICK, TOILETRIES... Donations for Humane Society - dog cat food, kitty litter, paper towels.... Any questions, contact Lynn Krieger, use the Yahoo Group list or ask on our Facebook page

Thanks for Giving the Gift of warmth!!!

2nd Thursday Every Month

The new Venue for our Monthly Socials is The Road House Cafe Bar & Grill. 
For more information on our new venue check out their website.

1031 Eisenhower Blvd.
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Join us at The Roadhouse

Dennis McCaughey will be our entertainment for the evening.

 The Venue for our Executive Meetings is The Cru Pizza & Deli Restaurant. For more information on our Executive venue, check out their website : The Cru Pizza and Deli

May 1 - Lynn Krieger

May 4 - Neil Burke

May 12 - Kathy Young

May 16 - Scott Witmer

May 17 - Heather Miller

May 20 - Betty Kemper

May 28 - Rich Harmon

May 31 - Traci Stambaugh



MAY 21 -

What is a
Have you ever been asked what a Parrothead is? Here is a video that will help explain what we are all about. Share the link with a friend and maybe we can expand the PHLOCK!
  CAPTAIN: Don “Yogi” Krieger

FIRST MATE: Scott "Crasher" Braasch

PURSER: Diane Clapper

SCRIBE: Deb Fink

 Pat Fink & Tom Orndorf

CRUISE DIRECTOR: Lynn Stewart-Krieger