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Rocky Mountain Insurance Network
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Term Tip 
Principal Term Portfolio

New Term Rates
Reduced rates effective April 2016.
No price increases with this re-price.
Applies to 10, 15, 20 and 30 year options.

Accelerated Underwriting
For face amounts at $1M and under, clients who are 18-60 may be able to avoid an exam based on Tele-app interview.

Targeted Focus 
Ages 35-55 and $1M or more face amounts.

Conversion Privilege 

Conversion to any perm product available without the hassle of underwriting.  

Convert any time during level term period up to age 70.

Convert all or part of death benefit. 

Two term polices can convert to a SUL. 

Full commission is paid on conversions.

  • Best Pricing
  • Top Street Comp
  • We complete Full App
  • We schedule exam
  • You get PAID

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