Terminating Your Interest Rate Swap

Contemplating Terminating your Interest Rate Swap?
Here’s Why it Will Likely Cost You

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Derivative Logic

In decades of advising borrowers of all shapes and sizes, one topic that comes up repeatedly is the best practice for a borrower to terminate an interest rate swap when the underlying loan is paid off early. Has your bank ever told you not to worry, that you can “make money” from your interest rate swap? The following will explain that most of time, it just isn’t so.

Why Terminate an Interest Rate Swap?

  • A change in the credit provider
  • Sale of real estate or other asset
  • A sale of the business

Why Work with PSRS
  • Non-recourse financing
  • Lock rate at application
  • Terms - Floating Rate to 40 Year Fixed
  • Minimal to no reserve structure
  • Current servicing portfolio of $5.5 Billion – Fast servicing decisions
  • Nationwide coverage in the US on all commercial and multi-family real estate
  • Loan sizes from $1 Million to $100 Million+
PSRS represents 22 life insurance companies, and also works with banks, private capital and other credit facilities seeking investment in real estate secured assets.
We maintain a loan servicing portfolio that includes these life company mortgages, and we are available to provide borrowers with local customer service over the life of the loan.
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