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Over the last month there have been significant discussions regarding increasingly tough regulations for the power industry and the mining industry. How will this impact Sonic Drillers in the months and years to come? Keep reading to learn more.

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Industry News

Last month, we learned that Georgia Power is going to be closing down several coal ash ponds. This month the North Carolina DEQ announced that Duke Energy would have to close all coal ash ponds by 2024. We discussed the implications of the Georgia Power news last month, and obviously the impact on Sonic Drillers will be that much more dramatic given this Duke Energy news. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

After attending the Canadian Institute of Mining Conference this month in Vancouver, British Columbia, it became clear that the mining industry will also be facing several changes over the next few months and years. Around the world, safety issues at mine tailings impoundments are drawing serious attention, both in terms of how to prevent failures and how to limit damage in a failure scenario. Learn more about how this may impact Sonic Drillers here

The TSi Automatic Pipe Handling System

Terra Sonic International has introduced an Automatic Pipe Handling System. This hands-free
solution for handling pipe in the fields helps reduce the chance for injury. The Automatic Pipe Handling System is available in three different designs and can be used on uneven terrain with the same ease as on flat ground. Click here to learn more! 

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