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This is our last e-newsletter before Thanksgiving hits here in the US. We want to thank you for making the first year of the Terra Sonic Times a success, and of course a very special thank you to our customers who make this all possible. Have a happy, safe, and peaceful holiday!

Could 2017 Be the Mining Industry's Comeback Year?

Everybody knows that the mining industry has had its share of woes over the last few years. Indeed, as recently as June 2016, a article  indicated that the outlook for the industry was getting worse than it had seemed in January, not better. Despite all of the bad news, however, there has been an undercurrent of optimism about 2017 for the last couple of years.
One great example of this kind of forecasting can be found in a McKinsey article published in November 2015 . The article notes, " Our commodity-by-commodity modeling suggests that stock-market sentiment may have overshot--once again. In many commodities, declining ore quality and limited accessibility of new deposits will squeeze supply in coming years, potentially driving a commodity-price rebound as global demand continues to rise. If lessons of previous cycles hold, mining equity prices could be expected to spike as well. "
A July 2016 article from  also indicated that 2017 might see an upswing for mining. It notes, "'But over the next 12-18 months, we expect most commodity markets (ex-iron ore) to tighten and a more sustained recovery in mining share prices to begin,' Jefferies stated."
All of this was before the United States elected Donald Trump as the next President.
Bloomberg  just this week reported that Trump's election " pushed copper prices up 11 percent last week, the best performance in more than five years. Mining shares reached the highest in almost two years."
While Trump has promised to bring back manufacturing jobs and the coal industry, Bloomberg reports that the biggest reason for optimism in the mining industry is that both China and the United States may be in a position to invest more aggressively in infrastructure programs. "'Soon we may see China and the U.S. engaging in national infrastructure build programs at the same time," said Tom Price, a Morgan Stanley commodities analyst in London. "They will be competing for the same commodities: steel raw materials, zinc and copper. We've never seen that before.''"
The Terra Sonic Times will continue to monitor the mining industry moving forward and will keep you updated on what various sources are saying, particularly as 2016 comes to a close.
Why the Mining Industry Needs Sonic Drill Rigs NOW!

We mentioned in the article above that it's looking like 2017 is going to be a big comeback year for the mining industry. Let's assume for the moment that this is true. The first thing that will precede a jump forward is investigatory work. Sites need to be explored to determine how deep the desired material is buried, to what extent the area is a good target, and how much time and effort will be required to completely mine the work site. Sonic Drilling is the ideal technology to use for this kind of work.
The TSi 150C is the perfect Sonic Drill Rig for mineral and aggregate explorations. Capable of drilling up to 1,000 feet depending upon lithology and casing design, this full-size crawler is engineered with the same 150 Series Oscillator that powers the 150T Truck-Mounted rig. The 150C can sonically drill from vertical to nearly horizontal, and the track mount makes it easier for the 150C to work on almost any type of terrain.
What does all of this mean for the mining industry? Prep work can be completed 3-5 times and sometimes 10 times faster than what can be accomplished with conventional drilling methodologies. Moreover, Sonic Drilling can produce nearly in situ core samples, offering a crystal clear picture of how deep the digging will need to be and over what specific area. The low amount of displaced soil and the minimal IDW generated by Sonic Drilling also means that the clean up process will be easy and swift before actual mining begins.
Click here to learn more about how Sonic Drilling can assist with mineral and aggregate exploration.
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