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When It Comes to Environmental or Site Investigation Projects, the TSi 150CC and TSi 150T Have You Covered

Are you thinking about how you can make your next environmental or site investigation project progress more efficiently and effectively? Our TSi 150CC Compact Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig and our TSi 150T Truck-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig are the answers. 

The TSi 150CC is perfect for job sites that are located on tough terrain. The track-mounted 150CC easily accesses hard-to-reach areas; and, the remote control functionality also makes the 150CC easier to use in confined spaces. Our 150CC can be provided with a short mast option so that even indoor work is possible. Additionally, the TSi 150CC can fit inside a standard shipping container!

The larger TSi 150T is a robust workhorse capable of over-the-road travel. The 150T is a sizable truck-mounted drill rig. That means you don't need a tractor-trailer/lowboy to get the rig to the job site or to other distant locations for the project. The support truck that works in conjunction with our 150T carries all tooling and delivers it to the sonic head using a convenient bridge crane.

Despite the size difference, the TSi 150CC and 150T have a lot in common. Both Sonic Drill Rigs are designed with our proprietary 150 Series Oscillator, which enables our rigs to drill up to 1,000 feet deep depending on casing design and lithology. Both Drill Rigs can drill 3-5 and sometimes up to 10 times faster than conventional drill rigs. Both are capable of creating in-situ core samples, and both can create precision, straight boreholes. 

The TSi 150CC and 150T can achieve numerous tasks with high efficiency and effectiveness. Our Sonic Drill Rigs can install monitor wells, for example, with a minimal amount of IDW, saving both time and money. Dewatering well installation becomes more efficient since casing can be advanced by flushing sediments as drilling proceeds, thereby creating a borehole rapidly without spoils. 

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Our Automatic Pipe Handling System Will Be in the Spotlight

Stay tuned! In the April issue of GeoDrilling International, we are going to have an article published that focused on our Automatic Pipe Handling System. We'd love to hear your thoughts once you've had a chance to read it. Let us know either here, via email, or via one of our social media accounts (linked below) if you have any questions or comments.

Our RemTec/National Driller Workshop Experience

We exhibited and presented at the  RemTec Conference. The presentation was titled  Envision Sonic, and our co-presenter was Liza Grudin of NovalESolutions.  The presentation focused on utilizing the many benefits of sonic drilling to attain project sustainability credits under the Envision rating system.  We were part of a platform session that included talks by Don Larson (Cascade), Bill Armstrong (Cascade), Seth Coy (Directional Technologies), and Brock Yordy (Gefco). At the end of the session we all sat on a panel that was moderated by Marc Killingstad of Arcadis. This was an open Q&A which turned out to be a very interactive session with a lot of discussion on challenges facing the drilling industry. These issues included lack of consistent drilling regulations, recruitment and retention of employees, and cost structure vs. price points.  The entire session was very positive towards sonic drilling and there was a general feeling that sonic is a growing market, especially in the environmental sector.

We will keep you posted on where you will be able to see us next. Thanks to those of you who were there!

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