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Authier Lithium Project to Launch 3,000-meter Drilling Program

Sayona Mining Ltd. has announced a new drilling exploration program at the Authier Lithium Project in Quebec. The new program has provisions for 3,000 meters of exploratory drilling and a collection of up to 5 tons of drill core for a pending metallurgical program. The drilling permits also have provisions to complete the geotechnical drilling for the pit wall slopes required for the definitive feasibility study. 

TSi Sonic Drill Rigs perform all types of exploratory drilling and geotechnical drilling in a variety of formations. Sonic Drilling can create nearly continuous in situ core samples at depths of up to 1,000 feet in a variety of lithology types. Contact us today to learn more. 

Manufacturers Shift to Sustainable Drilling Solutions

Alternative fuel options, efficient equipment design, and new drilling methodologies are all strategies to decrease the footprint of drilling operations, and drilling equipment manufacturers are always looking for ways to help improve their customers' bottom line. Sustainable equipment solutions can help minimize expensive fuel and utility costs, saving money and protecting the environment at the same time. Sonic Drilling has always been more efficient and less invasive than traditional drilling technology. 

Terra Sonic International Sonic Drill Rigs save time, money, and resources in nearly all geologic formations. Visit our site  to learn more.
Technical Solutions Bulletin

Sonic Drilling: Cutting Project Costs

Drilling crews often work under tight deadlines and 
within stringent budgetary requirements, making
unexpected breakdowns or operational delays especially costly. Drilling technology should be dependable, help cut operating costs, and reduce refusal, while still delivering accurate results in a variety of formation types. Sonic Drilling provides numerous benefits over conventional drilling--many of which lead to substantial cost savings over the course of each project--while maintaining dependable, consistent performance in all environmental conditions. 

Faster Drill Time: Sonic Drilling can cut project time by 3-5 times compared to conventional drilling, and can be up to 10 times faster in certain lithology types. Terra Sonic International Sonic Drill Rigs can be used in most formations, including cobbles, boulders, hard lenses, and heavy sands without refusal and with less than a 1% deviation from the intended hole profile. Less drill time means lower operating costs and a faster ROI for your customers. Learn more about TSi Sonic Drill Rigs here.

Minimized Drilling Footprint: Sonic Drilling does not necessarily require the use of water or drilling mud, minimizing the environmental impact of drilling and decreasing material and logistic costs for the project. The TSi Sonic Drill Head vibrates at a high frequency to fluidize a thin layer of soil around the drill string, allowing penetration in a variety of formations. See the TSi Sonic Drill Head in action on the TSi 150C Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig here

Less Waste: Sonic Drilling often decreases the amount of investigative derived waste to the
volume of the core samples from the bore hole. Waste disposal and the costs associated with removal are drastically minimized, improving your bottom line performance.

Flexible Drilling Configurations: Sonic Drilling can be used in a variety of applications and in nearly all environmental situations. Terra Sonic International Sonic Drill Rigs can be used for angle or multi-cased well drilling or discreet water sampling for vertical aquifer profiling. Core samples can be retrieved using standard core barrels, sample tube core barrels that utilize a polycarbonate tube, and dual wall core barrel used for competent rock core sampling. Our Sonic Drill Rigs can also be configured to use a Diamond Coring option or Air Hammer. Owning a drill rig with multi-faceted capabilities can assist in winning more projects and adapting to shifting scopes of work as the needs arise, Learn more about TSi Sonic Drill Rigs here and about our downhole drilling accessories here


All aspects of Sonic Drilling are designed to make your operations faster, safer, and more efficient, which saves you money and maintains high customer satisfaction. TSi Sonic Drill Rigs are designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen with a combined 200 years of experience in the Sonic Drilling industry. The TSi team has been building Sonic Drill Rigs for over 25 years and is ready to start on your next rig today.

Looking Ahead

The National Groundwater Association Show

Terra Sonic will be exhibiting at the NGWA 2017 Show in Nashville December 5-7. Visit us at booth 1543 to learn more about our Sonic Drill Rigs. We will have a TSi 150CC on-site!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that those of you in the US have a safe, happy, and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for our customers and are looking forward to continuing to work with you for the rest of this year and into 2018. 
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