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Solids control is a major concern on drilling sites, often requiring careful planning and significant drill site design considerations. Solids management is one of the largest potential environmental impacts that a drilling operation can have, often requiring thousands of gallons of water and slurry storage onsite. A 5-inch borehole can produce 20 gallons of cuttings to process per drill rod, with a 10-inch borehole producing 80 gallons per drill rod. Methods to minimize the impact of drilling mud storage and recirculation are important to help protect the environment and decrease overall disposal costs for the project. Sonic Drilling can reduce cutting waste by as much as 80% when compared to conventional drilling methods, mainly because it does not necessarily require the use of water or mud. Contact Terra Sonic international today to learn more about how to reduce your cutting waste.

A recent study out of the China University of Geosciences reported on the effects of vibration frequency on rock fragmentation of Sonic Drill Rigs. The authors of that study concluded that Sonic Drilling afforded many benefits over conventional drilling, including total drill speed, reduction of drilling waste, and capability to obtain accurate core samples in a variety of lithography types. The authors also concluded that due to these benefits, certain types of drilling projects would be well suited for Sonic Drilling technology, including hydropower site exploration and environmental testing. Since this study, Sonic Drilling has been implemented in a variety of projects, including geothermal drilling, water well drilling, foundational drilling, and other specialized environmental applications. Innovative drilling companies continue to improve Sonic Drilling equipment and uses, with Terra Sonic International being at the forefront of this research and design. Learn more about Terra Sonic International's high-quality drill rigs and applications today. 

Technical Solutions Bulletin

Drilling in Hard-To-Reach Locales: TSi 150C Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rigs

Some drilling projects are set in areas with accessibility issues or locations that are particularly susceptible to environmental damage. Truck-mounted drill rigs may not be a viable option for these drilling projects as the development of access roads and berms can cause significant environmental damage and lead to additional problems such as erosion, sediment deposition, and
habitat loss. Furthermore, truck-mounted rigs do not have the steering agility and traction required to move through tight quarters without causing significant environmental or equipment damage. Drilling operators need a rig option with enhanced maneuverability and traction in difficult to navigate situations, yet they also need a rig that offers high-quality drilling capabilities and the ability to complete a wide variety of applications in numerous lithology types.

Terra Sonic International Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rigs

Terra Sonic International has developed a crawler-mounted version of the TSi 150T Truck-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig, known as the TSi 150C. The TSi 150C is a crawler-mounted Sonic Drill Rig designed to access areas that are deemed inaccessible by truck-mounted rigs. All driving, drilling, and accessory hydraulic functions of the TSi 150C are run by a 278 HP (207.3 kW) Diesel engine, which provides plenty of power and maintains economical operations.

View this video to see the TSi 150C in action. 

Drilling Capabilities

The crawler-mounted rig has a full rotational drilling capability, with a rated drilling depth of up to 1,000 feet (304.8 m). The exclusive TSi 150 Sonic Oscillator generates powerful resonant Sonic energy in the drill string, using no more than 150 (111.9 kW) HP at a time.

Enhanced Safety

The TSi 150C is equipped with an extra-large work platform to minimize tripping and rotational hazards for the driller and drilling crew. The fold-down walkways ensure safe access to the rig platform, but also provide safe egress options in the event of an emergency. Safety handrails around the perimeter of the rig minimize the possibility of falls.

Variety of Applications

The TSi 150C is uniquely qualified to complete environmental investigations, mineral or aggregate investigations, dam/levee remediation, water resource sampling, and geoconstruction projects. The TSI 150C has a 32-foot-long mast which features 24.5 feet of head travel that enables drilling angles anywhere between vertical and 45ยบ. It incorporates an integrated hose management system within its tubular frame, and it utilizes a drive system that operates the feed frame with half the chain length and rollers of conventional drive methods.

Compact Design, Increased Capabilities

Certain situations require a compact drill footprint to fit into space-limited environments. In these projects, our TSi 150CC Sonic Drill Rig offers the same unique Sonic head designed into the TSi
150T, but on a more compact platform. The 150CC measures 19.19' x 7.11' H x 7.25' W and fits inside a standard 20 cubic yard sea container. It weighs just 22,400 lbs (10,616 kg). The wide track mount and low ground pressure allow the 150CC to work in even the most fragile of environments.

Our Compact Crawler Sonic Drill Rig can angle drill from vertical to nearly horizontal and can be driven via remote control with trekking speed up to 3.5 MPH (5.6 km/hr) and 60^ grade.

Learn more about the TSi 150CC here.

The Benefits of Sonic Drilling

Sonic Drilling offers a number of benefits over conventional drilling, including increased speed, near in-situ core samples, minimized waste, and enhanced safety features. The TSi 150C is built to help you capitalize on these benefits in areas that truck-mounted conventional rigs cannot reach.

Contact us today to learn how the track-mounted TSi 150C can benefit you on your next project. 

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