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 C all Before You Dig: Keeping Drilling Contractors Safe

Many drilling projects take place in areas that may have underground utilities, including power lines, phone lines, gas lines, water lines, sewers, and network cabling. Marking the location of these utilities is extremely important prior to drilling to ensure the safety of drilling crews and the continuity of service for the customers of the utilities. Additionally, damage to utility lines can be expensive, especially when you consider the cost of the repair, downtime for the rig, and potential damage to equipment. Call 811 is a program that helps drillers locate and protect buried utilities in any state within the U.S. Simply call the number prior to beginning your next project, complete a short phone interview, and the utility companies will locate and mark their buried lines within a couple of days. To learn more about this program, visit today. 

Where to See TSi This Spring

It is going to be a busy month for Terra Sonic and we hope we get to see a lot of you while we are traveling to different trade shows and conferences.

April 30-May 4: We will be at the US Society on Dams annual conference in Miami, Florida.

May 4: We will be in Baltimore for the NDA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Spring Training Day.

May 6-9: We will be attending the Canadian Institute of Mining Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

May 11-12: We'll be exhibiting at the Florida Groundwater Association Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.

May 16-17: We're going to be exhibiting at the NDA Buckeye Chapter Indoor/Outdoor Training Session in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

Contact us if you would like to set up a meeting at any of these venues. 

Technical Solutions Bulletin

Achieving Sustainability: Creating Efficient and Effective Sonic Drilling Operations

Sustainability is a term that has many meanings in business and in environmental science. A sustainable business grows consistently and intelligently within the limits of its infrastructure, allowing the requirements of the market and available resources to dictate the upward trajectory of its growth path. Businesses that are sustainable are long-term performers, continually building on the successes of each year to grow within their means and maintain consistency.

Sustainability can also mean the preservation of natural assets to avoid overuse and depletion of renewable and non-renewable resources. Sustainable practices help maintain an ecological balance between mankind and nature, ensuring the longevity of available resources for generations to come. Sustainability is beneficial for both the environment and the human stewards that oversee it.

Sonic Drilling and Sustainability

Sonic Drilling is a technique that is sustainable not only from an environmental perspective, but from a business perspective as well.

Environmental Benefits of Sonic Drilling

- Faster Drilling, Less Impact: Vibration in the drill string from the Sonic Head fluidizes the formation in a very small boundary layer around the drill string, which reduces friction and allows an increased penetration rate. Faster drilling speed means less time spent on a site and less environmental impact from construction activities.

- Less Waste: Sonic Drilling can reduce investigative derived waste (IDW) by as much as 80% when compared to conventional drilling methods. Sonic Drilling does not necessarily require the use of water or mud and the IDW is often limited to the volume of the core samples.

- No Refusal: Sonic Drilling can be used in nearly any formation in a variety of configurations, including angle or multi-cased well drilling, split spoons, Shelby tubes, and/or coring. Sonic Drillers can choose the most effective methods to suit the environmental conditions, which leads to lower environmental impact overall. 

In addition to the environmental benefits of Sonic Drilling, there are many business benefits that can help drilling contractors build long-term, sustainable growth in their markets.

Business Benefits of Sonic Drilling

- Reduced IDW Costs: Sonic Drilling creates less IDW, which in turn means lower disposal costs and minimized container requirements for your customers. Sometimes this cost savings can be the difference in whether or not you win a bid.

- More Projects: The versatility of Sonic Drilling allows you to bid on a wider variety of projects across a greater market share, which helps diversify your customer base and build a sustainable growth model.

- Greater Safety: Many clients today cite safety as their number one priority for any project they put out for bids. Sonic Drilling has many safety benefits that can help improve your chances of winning the next big project, including flightless augers, minimized exposure to hazardous waste, and mechanical interventions to avoid strains.

The Terra Sonic Advantage

Sonic Drilling can help you improve the sustainability of your drilling operations from both a business and environmental perspective. Incorporating Sonic Drilling into your operations allows your business to expand its versatility within the market while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of every drilling crew you have in the field. Terra Sonic International can help you build a sustainable Sonic Drilling program today that will ensure your company's success tomorrow. 

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