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About the Sonic Drilling Industry
Welcome to the Terra Sonic Times. Our goal with this e-newsletter is to keep you up-to-date on big news in the industry as well as with what is going on with us. We hope that you will let us know if there are any topics you want to hear about in more depth. We'll be happy to cover those in later issues. 

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Industry News

This month, we learned that Georgia Power is going to be closing down several coal ash ponds. The power industry is under increasing pressure to manage CCRs and monitor how coal ash ponds are impacting surrounding groundwater aquifers. 

We have more about this story on our website. You can read about it here

Why Sonic Drilling?

Why are we such proponents of Sonic Drilling? Why do we devote ourselves entirely to this particular technology? The truth is that we sincerely believe Sonic Drilling is the best approach. In most lithologies, Sonic Drilling is faster, more effective, more efficient, and safer. 

Learn more about the benefits of Sonic Drilling by clicking here

Product of the Month

Recently we finished development of a 150CC Compact Crawler Drill Rig with a third breakout  clamp. The 150CC is a crawler-mounted, remote-controlled Sonic Drill Rig that is designed with a small footprint but the same amount of power as our 150T Truck-Mounted Drill Rig. The 150CC is perfect for indoor projects, tough terrain, or tight spaces. You can learn more here
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