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Sonic Drilling Simplifies and Accelerates Core Sampling

Extracting in situ core samples for geologic evaluation can be challenging, and is quite dependent on subsurface conditions. Conventional drilling technology can falter when working in loose or heaving sand, clay, till, gravel, boulders, or cobbles. The nature of Sonic Drilling, however, prevents these lithologies from causing problems. 

Sonic Drilling uses high-frequency, resonant energy, transferred down a drill string to the bit face, to advance core barrels. The energy liquidizes the formation at the surface of the pipe, allowing an undisturbed core sample to feed into the core barrel. Sonic Drilling eradicates the problem of refusals and can work up to ten times faster in most lithologies. The Sonic core sampling process produces minimal IDW, an additional benefit. 

The flexibility of Sonic Drilling and Sonic core sampling capabilities makes Sonic Drilling ideal for mining applications, site assessment, environmental remediation, and more. Learn more about why you should choose Sonic here.

A New TSi 150C Customized for the Mining Industry

Terra Sonic recently completed a customized TSi 150C with a customer-specified rotation safety  cage. The TSi 150C offers all of the power of the TSi 150T Truck-Mounted Unit, and it is engineered with the same proprietary 150 Series Sonic Oscillator. You can learn more about the TSi 150C Crawler-Mounted Sonic Drill Rig here

Terra Sonic International will accommodate any customization requests you may have. Please let us know what would best meet your application needs and we will engineer a Sonic Drill Rig that will exceed your expectations.
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