Sonic Drilling News You Can Use

Yellow Jacket Drilling Services recently published a news release proudly announcing the addition of two environmental and geotechnical TSi Sonic Drilling Rigs to its Northwest Fleet. It is Terra Sonic's privilege to be able to help enable the extended capabilities for our valued customer, Yellow Jacket. A big thank you to Yellow Jacket for sharing on LinkedIn -- we also welcome and encourage any of our customers to send us photos and updates as you are able, sharing your TSi experience. 

Proper Maintenance Keeps You Turning to the Right

Proper equipment maintenance is critically important to the well-being and productivity of your Sonic Drilling Equipment. A preventative maintenance program provides confidence your equipment is always ready to go at a moment's notice, allowing you to deliver fast, effective drilling service when your clients need it most. Maintenance also ensures your equipment performs the way it should; delivering consistently high performance and helping your crews maintain tight drilling schedules as they generate an elevated degree of satisfaction to your customers. Terra Sonic International provides comprehensive maintenance programs and service for your Sonic Drilling Equipment. Our well-qualified Sonic Technical staff, with over 200 years of combined Sonic Drilling experience, stands ready to serve you and your team.  Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance and field services programs. 

Industry Update

Terra Sonic International attended the National Drilling Association Lone Star Chapter's Spring Training Day last Friday. The event was conducted at GEDCO Drilling & Coring, Inc., in Irving, Texas, and CEO Cliff Rigby was a gracious host who ensured all attendees enjoyed the event. Several presentations were given by industry representatives with a focus on safety and compliance. Below is a brief summary of the training sessions TSi attended.

Call 811!

Tina Sanders with Texas811 reminded drillers of their obligation to call in before any subsurface work begins. Contact with underground utilities continues to be a major hazard for drillers, and the risk seems to be increasing each year with the advancement of trenchless installations and flexible plastic piping that is difficult to find. States like Texas typically only locate utility lines as they enter the property, but most drilling occurs in the interior. The use of private line locating contractors and "potholing" drilling locations are seen as best practices, but clients are not always willing to pay for these services. Another challenge the drilling industry faces is that the GIS databases are kept confidential due to security risks, yet those same databases contain valuable information regarding the location of underground utilities. 

Water Well Drilling Rules and Regulations

Adam Foster from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation conducted a review of rules and regulations for water well drillers. Foster answered a lot of probing questions regarding what regulations apply to a driller who is engaged in groundwater exploration. One determining factor was intent versus encounter of groundwater. Whenever there is a doubt, it is always best to check with the regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over the project.


Eric Hajek of Terra Testing, Inc., gave a presentation on coring and provided the group with some useful tips for establishing a change-out schedule for core barrels. He recommends weighing your core barrels when they are new and periodically throughout their lifespan as a method of determining when to replace them.

Safe Practice in the Groundwater Industry: Addressing Ways to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Eric Hutton of Clear Fork Consulting Services presented on this topic. Eric covered a lot of ground with a focus on common hazards such as electrical safety. The key to safety management on-site is pre-job planning and execution. 

Sharing industry updates and knowledge with other drilling professionals is always a privilege. Again, we want to extend our thanks to GEDCO for doing a fine job as hosts. 
Photo of the Month

We were sent some truly phenomenal images this past month, and choosing just one to feature here was a challenge.  Ultimately , we selected this one from our friends at Holt. Feel free to share your images with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter!

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